The 5 Best Cat Doors for Garage Doors & Buying Guide [2022]

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A cat door is a small opening in the door for your cat to move through. With the best cat door for the garage door, your cats will be able to move freely without your help.

Besides, in case of bad weather or danger, your cats can return safely through this cat door without you having to go and open the door for them.

Usually, cat doors are rain and wind-proof. Besides, these cat doors can work as a barrier against big animals. There are electronic cat doors in the market that prevents stray animals from entering. As a result, your cats remain safe from the attacks of stray animals or aggressive pets.

To help you find the best cat door, we have tested several models from Amazon and asked pet owners for their opinion on these cat doors.

Our Top Pick – PetSafe Pet Screen Door

If you live in a rented house, this pet door from PetSafe will be perfect for you. To install this PetSafe Pet Screen Door, you won’t have to drill permanent holes in your garage door or walls.

Besides, you don’t require a lot of tools to install this door. Even if you have no experience installing a pet door, you can DIY install this without any special tool. You won’t require any professional help or break your rental agreement to install this PetSafe cat door.

5 Things to Consider While Buying a Cat Door

·  Durability 

While buying a cat door, you’ll have to ensure that the cat door you’re buying is durable. Because nobody wants a broken cat door in their house and put their safety at risk.

But unfortunately, there is no exact way of measuring the durability of the cat door. For this, you’ll have to trust the other pet owners or read our reviews. 

·  Installation

After durability, you’ll have to look at the ease of installation of the cat door. If you buy a high-quality cat door, but it’s difficult to install, there is no point in buying that.

Besides, if you need professional help to install the cat door, it’ll add up to your costs. That’s why before buying a cat door, read the manual carefully and check what tools are required.

·  Size of the Flap

If the flap size of the cat door is smaller than your cat’s width, your cat won’t be able to move through the cat door. That’s why while buying a cat door, you’ll have to ensure that the flap size of the cat door is large enough for your cats.

To find out the accurate flap size, first, you’ll have to measure the width of your cat and add an extra inch to it (this is the width of the cat door). 

After that, measure your cat’s torso height and chest size and add an extra inch to it. This will be the required height of the cat door.

·  Security 

Different cat doors offer different security options. You’ll have to decide which one will be perfect for your cats.

For example, some cat doors open freely, which allows all animals to go through the cat door. However, this can be a bit risky for your cats because if there are aggressive or stray animals near your house, they may enter your home and harm your cats. 

If you’re concerned about your neighbor’s aggressive pet, you can install an electric cat door. This type of cat door will only allow your cats to move through the cat door. As a result, other animals or pets won’t be able to enter and harm your cats.  

Again, there are some cat doors, which allow only one-way access. For this type of cat door, you may have to train your cats a bit. 

·  Color and Shape of the Flap 

As cats have a wider body, you should buy a cat door that has a square flap size. Again, while buying a cat door, it’s better to buy a cat door that is full or semi-transparent.

Because when the flap is transparent, your cats will know where they are heading and give them an outside glimpse.

How We Chose the Top 5 Products in this List

While selecting the top 5 cat doors, our team members have independently tested all the products. Also, while selecting, we have factored in the users’ opinions and ratings.

Comparison – Best Cat Door for Garage Door

Sometimes it gets difficult to have a clear view of all the features of cat doors. That’s why here is the comparison table of our top 5 cat doors for the garage door so that you can easily select your suitable cat door. 

PetSafe Pet Screen Door

Sliding Wind-Lock

High-Quality Materials 

Easy to Install

Best for Cats and Small Dogs 

Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

DIY Easy Installation


Large door opening

No screen holes

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Cat Door

Aluminum frame

Best for Small to Medium-Sized Cats 

Access control

Superior quality materials

CEESC Extra Large Cat Door

Transparent flap


4-way modes

Easy Installation

Depets Large Cat Door

Four Access Control

Transparent Flap

Easy DIY Installation

Sturdy Materials

Best Cat Door for Garage Door: Product Reviews

best cat door for garage door

1.   PetSafe’s Best Cat Door for Window

If you want to serve the primary purpose of a cat door, you must buy this PetSafe cat door. This is one of the best cat doors for windows, which is also highly durable and has high impact resistance. Besides, its installation process is easier compared to other cat doors. 

Best Cat Door for Window


  • Size: Small 
  • Color: Brown 
  • Weight: 0.75 Pounds 
  • Dimension: 13 x 0.75 x 9.75 in. 
  • Manufacturer: Radio Systems Corporation 

Features of the PetSafe Pet Screen Door 

·  Easy to Install 

If you’re worried about installing a cat door, you should consider buying this cat door. Because you can easily fit this cat door into your garage door, window, or any existing screen. Besides, it doesn’t require any heavy tools to install this cat door. 

·  Durable 

It has a high-impact frame made of plastic, which is surrounded by durable mesh. This structure made this cat door puncture-proof and tear-resistant.

·  Secured 

It has a large cat door and has an inbuilt wind lock, which allows this cat door to resist sudden flap opening during the heavy breeze. As a result, other animals cannot enter your house so easily.

  • Durable nEasy to InstallnSafe nSliding Wind-Lock Feature nHigh-Quality Materials nBest for Cats and Small Dogs n
  • Despite having the wind lock, small dogs or other animals can trespass through the cat door.

This cat door is all about giving your cats freedom and encouraging exercise. No doubt, this is the best cat door for windows. 

2.   Kitty Pass Cat Door for Interior Garage Door 

Undoubtedly, this cat door is made for your little cat. Just look at the cute ears. Isn’t that cute enough to install in your interior garage door? Not only this cat door is it cute, but it also serves the purposes of a cat door and highly durable. 

Cat Door for Interior Garage Door 


  • Batteries: No 
  • Color: White 
  • Dimension: 11.5 x 9.2 x 12.5 inch(es) 
  • Materials Used: PVC Composite 
  • Manufacturer: The Kitty Pass 

Features of the Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door 

·  Safety 

Unlike other interior cat doors, this cat door doesn’t have any logos or screw holes that will harm your cat’s eyes. Besides, it has a smooth and wide opening that will allow your cats to move through the cat door without getting hurt. 

·  Easy Customization 

As this cat door comes in white color, you can repaint it and match it with your interior home decor. 

·  Universal Cat Door 

This cat door is 6.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide, allowing most cats to go through it. 

  • Easy to Use nEasily Customizable nHas a Large Opening nCute DesignnNo Screw Holes
  • Bit Pricy Compared to Other Cat Doors

This cat door for an interior garage door is cute and has all the features to make it a great product. Apart from the garage door, you can install it in your home as well. 

3.   PetSafe Cat Door for Aluminum Garage Door 

This cat door aluminum garage door has a metal frame, which allows it to withstand wear and tears. Besides, its magnetic and tinted flap panel gives this cat door protection against outdoor harsh temperatures and drafts.

Moreover, its slide-in panel feature allows you to control the access of the cat door and keep away stray animals. 

Cat Door for Aluminum Garage Door


  • Color: White 
  • Manufacturer: Pet Access 
  • Dimension: 11 x 2.25 x 17.75 in. 
  • Size: Medium 

Features of the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Cat Door 

·  Durable Design 

It has an aluminum frame that allows this cat door to withstand heavy usage. Besides, its flexible flap has a magnetic bottom, which keeps the cat door closed. 

·  Security & Compatibility 

This PetSafe Freedom Aluminum has a slide-in closing panel that controls the access of this cat door. Besides, this pet door is a perfect fit for all sorts of doors, including metal, PVC, and wooden doors. 

·  Easy DIY Installation 

Installing this cat door is very easy, and you can consider this as your next DIY project. It comes with a detailed instruction manual, template, and all the necessary hardware, which eliminates the need for a handyman. 

  • Durable Aluminum Frame nAccess Control Feature nDIY Installation Process nHigh-Quality Material Used nBest for Small to Medium-Sized Cats
  • Cannot withstand the heavy breeze

With this cat door, your cats or your small dogs can move freely and enjoy their playtime even more. Besides, its durable aluminum body makes it sturdy and durable. 

4.   CEESC Cat Door for an Exterior Wall

Easy to install, high-quality, and durable- if these are your requirements, you should consider buying this cat door for an exterior wall. Moreover, this cat has a transparent flap, which will allow your cats to see outside before moving through the cat door. 

Cat Door for Exterior Wall


  • Color: White 
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.6 x 2.17 inches
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Flap Style 
  • Weight: 1.19 Pounds 

Features of the CEESC Extra Large Cat Door 

·  Easy to Install 

This cat door comes with a full instruction manual that you can follow and install the cat door in your windows, walls, or garage doors. 

·  High-Quality Materials

The body of this CEESC Extra Large cat door is made of ABS plastic, which makes it weather-resistant and durable. Moreover, its exterior wall is waterproof, and its unique brush strip eliminates noise while flap closing. 

·  Four-Way Modes

Pet owners can adjust the access control of this cat door by pressing the red and green switches. It has four modes- out, in, in and out, and locked. Besides, its transparent flap will allow your cats to see through the cat door.  

  • Waterproof nDurable nOffers four-way modes nEasy to Install nTransparent Flap nHigh-Quality Materials
  • The locking mechanism isn’t that good.

If you have a large cat and want a durable cat door, this CEESC cat door will be the right fit for you. Indeed, it offers great value for the cost. 

5.   Depets Cat Flap for Garage Door 

With this sturdy Depets cat door, your cats will be happy and move more freely in your house. Besides, because of its transparent flap, it’s safe to say that it has the best cat flap for a garage door. Moreover, its brush strip makes this cat door soundproof and reduces energy loss. 

Cat Flap for Garage Door 


  • Color: White 
  • Weight: 1.14 Pounds 
  • Dimension: 9.92 x 9.25 x 2.16 inches 
  • Cat Door: Flap 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Four-Switch Modes 

Features of the Depets Large Cat Door 

·  Four Access Controls 

This cat door allows cat owners to control the flap in four modes- in only, out only, in and out, and fully locked. This feature makes door control easier and allows pet owners to protect their cats from stray animals. 

·  Easy Installation 

If you’re looking for your next DIY installation project, the Depets cat door can be perfect for you. This cat door comes with an instruction manual with clear guidelines. 

·  Transparent Flap 

One of the key features of this Depets cat door is its transparent flap, which will allow your cats to look through the cat door before going through it. Because of this feature, your cat will feel more comfortable using this cat door for its playtime. 

  • DIY Installation nSturdy Material nTransparent Flap nFour Different Access Controls
  • Not suitable for large cats

Considering all these, this cat door from Depets is one of the best cat doors on the market. 

How to Install a Cat Door in a Garage Door

Step 1: Draw the Outline on a Paper Board & Cut It

For this, take a paper board, and outline the cat door with a pencil or pen. Before moving into the next steps, gather tools like an electric saw, tape, drill, etc.

When the outline is drawn on the paper board, cut it down.  

Step 2: Draw an Outline on the Door

Now, use the paper board to outline your garage door. While outlining, it’s better to keep the paper board at least 10 cm above the garage floor.

Step 3: Drill and Make a Hole

When the outline is drawn on the garage door, take an electric drill and make four holes in the four corners of the outline. After that, take an electric saw and make a hole inside the drilled corners.

Step 4: Install the Cat Door inside the Hole

After making a hole in your garage door, install the cat door on your garage door. Take out the provided screws from the package box and tighten the cat door with a screwdriver.

Done. Your cat door is successfully installed, and now, your cats can move through it.

Use Electronic Cat Door to Prevent Stray Animals from Hurting Your Cat

When you buy a regular cat door, along with your cats, other stray animals can enter your house and may harm your cat. But with an electronic cat door, your cat will be safe from this threat.

Usually, an electronic pet door comes with a device that you’ll have to attach to your cat’s collar. This device emits signals continuously, and when your cat is close to the cat door, the electric cat door will open automatically and allow your cat to go through it.

As only your cat has access to the cat door, other animals cannot enter your house. Thus, a cat door protects your pet from stray or aggressive animals.

FAQs about Best Cat Door for Garage Door

1.     Are Cat Doors and Dog Doors the Same?

No. As dogs are quite big in size, dog doors are big compared to cat doors. Besides, as cats are predatory animals, they need to see through the flaps. That’s why the flap of the cat door is usually transparent. But the dog door is usually opaque or solid.

2.     Do Cats Need the Training to Use the Cat Door?

Yes, your cats need the training to use the cat door, and while training, make sure that the cat door isn’t locked.  

3.     Is Buying a Cat Door Good Idea?

Yes, with a cat door, your cats will be able to move more freely, making them healthier and making positive stimulation in your cats.

4.     At Which Height Should I Install the Cat Door?

It’s recommended to install the cat door at least 12 to 15 centimeters above the floor.


Before buying a cat door, make sure that it is durable and safe for your cat. Also, check the installation manual and tools required to install the cat door.

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