Best Way to Park 2 Cars in Garage -Tips and Best Practices

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Many families need two cars for their home for running errands such as shopping, taking the kids to school, visiting the doctor, etc., and this is often when you’ll need the best way to park 2 cars in the garage.

If you’re having trouble fitting both of your family cars in your home’s small garage, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can install a park and slide system, making it a breeze to park two cars in a limited amount of garage space.

Secondly, you can free up some space in your garage and work on your parking skills to park both cars in a tight fit. Your last resort should be extending or widening your garage to fit both cars.

Best way to park 2 cars in garage

Perhaps the best way to park two cars in a garage is to use the park and slide system – it’s simple, easy, and saves you from dealing with the frustration of parking two cars in a small garage.

Best Way to Park 2 Cars in Garage

There are several ways you can park two cars in a garage –

Make your garage bigger

Although an expensive option, if you don’t have enough room for two vehicles, you have no choice but to extend your garage.

Before opting for an expansion, you’ll have to factor in the high cost, garage unavailability during the renovation period, and the noise and mess the whole process will leave behind.

Create more room in your garage

If your garage is big enough for two cars, you should clear up some of the clutter and make room for two cars. After that, you can easily fit two cars into your garage.

Use DIY parking aids

You can use DIY parking aids to help you park the car in a tight spot. Some simple DIY aids include using a tennis ball to mark how deep into the garage you’ll have to drive before stopping.

Additionally, you can use a block of wood to indicate the stopping point. For more protection, you can attach the foam to your walls to add padding and prevent damage.

Use store-bought parking aids

Instead of opting for a DIY, you can buy parking aids. Here, your choices include wireless parking sensors and laser aids.

Bonus: Use a parking slider to get your cars into place without frustrating yourself – no brainer, right?

You can choose any of these ways to make it easier for you to park two cars in a garage. Remember, if you decide to park the cars yourself, without aids or extending your garage, be sure to practice a lot beforehand.

Should you widen or extend your garage?

You should only consider widening or extending your garage if it’s impossible to fit both your cars inside it. Therefore, take your measurements before deciding. Chances are, you really won’t need to extend your garage and will be able to get away with some alternatives.

Widening your garage can be a solution

A lot of homeowners consider extending or widening the garage to make room for a second car. However, it’s a costly job. Therefore, when you face issues with parking two cars in a small garage, consider widening or extending your garage as your last resort.

Before going through the trouble of extending your garage, try and work on your parking skills – it will take a lot of effort, but you should be able to park two cars in a tight spot with practice. For a more straightforward solution, consider setting up a parking slide system.

Park and Slide – How does it work?

Most modern houses don’t come with two garage doors. Moreover, they barely have enough room for two cars despite bearing a “double garage” label. To solve your parking problems, you can install a park and slide system to handle the burden of parking your cars precisely.

A park and slide system is very simple, and convenient and makes parking in tight spaces straightforward. More importantly, it takes away all the hassle of trying to fit two cars into a tiny garage through high-precision driving.

In a parking slide, you drive onto the rig and slide the car into place, thereby making it a lot easier for you to park two cars in a small garage.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What’s the most challenging part of parking 2 cars in a garage?

The tight fit you’ll have to drive in and out of every day to accommodate both cars is the hardest part of parking two vehicles in a garage. Moreover, it’s quite stressful to drive into a small garage while avoiding another car.

What is the usual width and length of a two-car garage space?

The average two-car garage is anywhere between 18 feet by 20 feet and 22 feet by 22 feet. However, to comfortably fit two vehicles into the garage, you’ll need 24 feet by 24 feet. Therefore, although garages may be advertised as double garages, on average, they do not have enough room for two vehicles.

What is the optimal width for a two-car garage?

To fir both your cars, you’ll need a 24 feet by 24 feet garage. However, if you want to save some space for storage and a work area, the best width for a 2 car garage is 30 feet by 30 feet.

When should you extend your garage?

If you have the time to practice parking two cars in a small space, you can forgo extending your garage. However, if you’re afraid you’ll end up damaging your car or your garage, you should consider extending your garage. Moreover, if your garage won’t fit two cars, you will have to extend your garage either way.


All that being said, you mustn’t go through any hassle if the square footage of your garage cannot accommodate two cars.

In that situation, renting a parking space from your neighbor is the last resort. But if there is enough room in your garage for two, creating more room by clearing clutter is undoubtedly the best way to park 2 cars in the garage.

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