Garage Door Arm Angle vs. Bracket

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Confused whether to use garage door arm angles or bracket mounts? Wondering why your garage door has become stiff? Then this article is for you.

Garage Door Arm: Angle vs. Bracket Mount

In the garage door arm bracket mount track, the door brackets are mounted to the wood jamb on a continuous angle application. And the angle is mounted to the wood jamb.

That means, if you have a wood jamb, you need to mount the continuous angle to the wood where the brackets are mounted to that angle holding the track.

garage door arm angle

Continuous Angle vs. Reverse Angle

Reverse and continuous angles are great choices for steel jambs or concrete blocks. The key difference between these two angle tracks is the mounting of the angle.

The continuous angle track faces away from the garage door or outside the track. On the other hand, the reverse angle track faces toward the garage door.

While installing the garage door, you should keep in mind that the reverse angle track doors are required to be 2-inches wider than the opening.

Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are small in size but play a key role in operating your garage door. Over time, this hinge can have wear and tear, and when it does, you’ll have difficulties in moving your garage door.

Besides, if you don’t repair this garage door on time, it can damage your entire garage door.

Qualities of Good Garage Door Hinges

If you notice that your garage door hinges are damaged, you should replace them ASAP. But before buying the door hinges, you must know about the qualities of a good garage door hinge.

Usually, heavy steel is used for making a good garage door hinge, which can last more than 15 years. However, in the market, there are some thin hinges too. But these garage door hinges aren’t durable.

Apart from this, high-quality garage door hinges have a zinc alloy finish to fight against corrosion.

This garage door hinge from Protech Garage Doors offers all these qualities and will support your garage door in the long run.  

FAQs About Garage Door Opener

1.     What to do when the garage door hits opener rail?

Check the top roller of your garage door, and if you find any of the bolts are loose, you’ll have to tighten them. Also, check the other bolts and nuts in your garage door and check if they are in the right position or not.

2.     Can I install the garage door opener by myself?

Generally, most garage door sellers offer installation services to homeowners. However, if you want to save money on garage door installation and have experience as a handyman, you can DIY install the garage door opener. But it’s advised to leave the installation for the professionals.

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