Why Is Your Garage Door Opener Rail Bending?

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Do you notice that your garage door opener rail is bowing or bending when you try to close your garage door?

To fix this, you tried adjusting the garage door settings but it repeatedly failed the 2×4 test, sounds familiar?

This garage door opener rail bending can be the result of improper garage door arm installation or incorrect garage door rail angle.

garage door opener rail bending

Garage Door Opener Rail Bending: Reasons Behind It & Signs to Look Out For

If your garage door arm has an improper angle or the garage door opener rail isn’t correctly installed, you likely have a garage door opener rail bending issue. In an ideal condition, when you close the garage door, the door arm must be away from the garage door at a certain angle.

But when you have an incorrectly installed garage door opener your garage door rail will start to point up and down; creating stress on the garage door opener rail and causing the rail to bend.

Length of the Garage Door Opener Rail

If you don’t want your garage door rails to bend, you’ll have to install the garage door opener accurately. And for this, you’ll have to know the measurements of the garage door rails.

For a single light chain drive opener, the garage door rails will be 116 inches, 128 inches, and 152 inches. And for dual light chain drive openers, these lengths will be the same as the single light chain drive openers.  

Now, here are a few signs that your garage door rail requires replacement. 

3 Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Rail Support

1.     Noisy Garage Door

If you hear scratching or scraping sounds coming from your garage door, it’s probably because your garage door rails are in bad condition. When the garage door rails get bent or worn out, the garage door starts to scrape up with the garage door rail and make loud noises.

Again, if the garage door tracks are misaligned, you can hear a loud noise from the garage door as well. To fix these problems, you’ll have to replace your garage door rails or align the tracks.

2.     Garage Door doesn’t Open or Close Smoothly

Due to improper garage door installation, your garage door rails will also be affected. As a result, your garage door won’t function properly, and you’ll have a hard time opening or closing your garage door.

Besides, when the garage door rail is in bad condition, you’ll notice that your garage door is jammed or hitting something while closing the garage door.

To fix this, you need to know how to adjust garage door travel. Firstly, you’ll have to realign the garage door rails. But if the garage door rails are in bad condition, you should replace the whole garage door rails.

You can check these garage door track rails from the Prime-Line. This garage door track rail is easy to install and has adjustable housing.  

3.     Sudden Garage Door Falls

When you have a broken garage door rail, your garage door will suddenly start to fall. Over time, when the garage door rails wear down, they will start to bend and break. In some cases, garage door rails will come out of your garage wall.

As soon as you notice this, you should call a handyman and replace your garage door track rails.

FAQs about Bending Garage Door Opener Rail

1.     What are the Garage Door Rail Length Measurements for Belt Drive Openers?

u003cstrongu003eThe garage door rails will be 116 inches, 128 inches, and 152 inches for dual light belt drive openers. And for low-profile belt door openers, the garage door rail lengths will be the same as the dual light belt drive openeru003c/strongu003e.

2.     What is Included in the Garage Door Opener Rail Assembly?

u003cstrongu003eUsually, chain, T-rail, front idler bracket, and travelers assembly are included in the garage door opener rail assembly.u003c/strongu003e

3.     Is It Safe to Install a New Garage Door on an Old garage Door Opener Rail Track?

It’s completely unsafe to use a new garage door on an old garage door rail track.

4.     Can I Adjust the Rail of the Garage Door Opener?

 Yes, you can adjust the garage door opener rail according to your need and preferences.


To prevent the rail bending issue, you’ll have to ensure proper installation. For this, you can hire a professional garage door installer. Again, if you notice the signs of a bad garage door rail, which I have mentioned above, you should consult an expert and replace it as soon as possible.

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