Why Is My Garage Door Shifted to One Side?

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If you’re wondering why your garage door shifted to one side, the probable reason is you have a rusted or broken spring. This problem can happen due to misaligned rollers, heavy rain, and worn cables.

When you realize that your garage door is shifted to one side or crooked, you should repair the door right away. Because a broken garage door indicates that you have some serious issues with your garage door and if you delay the repair, this problem can get worse and cost you more.

garage door shifted to one side

3 Reasons Why Garage Door Shifted To One Side

1. Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring 

Most garage doors have two tight pieces of metal, known as overhead springs. These overhead springs are capable enough to store a tremendous amount of energy. Again, some garage doors have side springs, which are known as extension springs. 

When you open or shut down the garage door, these springs wind and unwind. For some reason, if any of these garage door springs gets damaged, your door will still function, but the garage door will move slowly or shift to one side. 

The major signs that your garage door spring requires replacement include:

  • The Garage door springs are damaged or have rust, disconnected cables, and gaps.  
  • The Garage door doesn’t open more than 6-inch. 
  • You cannot lift the garage door manually, or it’s completely shut. Usually, this problem occurs when the counterbalance spring of the garage door is damaged. 
  • You hear a grinding or squealing sound while opening your garage door. 
  • You hear a sudden loud bang coming from your garage.
  • There is a spring in the garage door, which makes the garage door fall slowly. But when the spring is damaged, it makes the garage door fall quickly and creates an unsafe environment.  

If any of the aforementioned signs match your garage door, chances are you have a bad garage door spring, and you’ll have to replace them as soon as possible.

You can check this Garage Door Springs from the Prime-Line, and replace it with the old one. However, if you have no experience in installing a door spring, you should leave it for the professionals. 

2. Jumped or Frayed Cable 

If your garage springs aren’t damaged then the probable reason behind your garage door being shifted to one side is that you have a jumped or frayed cable. 

When you open the door, both the spring and cable work together and lift the door of your garage. But when the cable is damaged, unwind, or broken, it can shift your garage door to one side.

Again, in the worst-case scenario, both the cable and springs of your garage can be worn out. In this case, you’ll have to replace both the cable and the springs of your garage door. 

3. Malfunctioning Garage Door Rollers & Tracks 

If you’re wondering why my garage door shifted to one side when the springs and cables are in good condition, then it’s probably because you have malfunctioning garage door rollers and tracks. 

When the garage door rollers don’t move along with the tracks or jump off the track completely, your garage doors will shift to one side. Apart from this, it can jam your garage door too. 

There can be multiple reasons behind this problem, such as dust or debris in the roller track, track alignment problem, and so on. To fix these issues, you can call an expert and solve this professionally.  

You may think that issues such as off-track doors or cleaning the debris are easy tasks. But while repairing, if you make even a tiny mistake, it can damage the garage door even further. That’s why it’s recommended to repair the roller and tracks with the help of a professional garage door repair serviceman.  

FAQs about Garage Doors

1. What are Garage Door Hinges?

This part of the garage door is involved with the bending mechanism of the door while moving. u003cstrongu003eHinges need to be lubricated, and for some reason, if hinges are cracked or broken, it can cause problems.u003c/strongu003e 

2. What is the Role of Sensors?

u003cstrongu003eThe main functionality of the garage door sensors is to communicate with the door opener. u003c/strongu003eu003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOne sensor emits rays, and another sensor receives them. For some reason, if there are obstacles in their pathway, the garage door won’t go down. 

3. Can I Control My Garage Door Remotely?  

These days, the u003cstrongu003egarage door opener can be controlled remotely or with a click on your smart devices.u003c/strongu003e Besides, garage door openers are now more advanced, which increases the overall security of the garage. 

4. How Much Garage Door Opener Costs?

The installation cost of a garage door opener ranges between $300 to $500. However, the final cost depends on the door opener you buy.


So, the main culprit behind the crooked or broken garage door is the broken torsion spring. As soon as you identify this issue, you should consider repairing it.

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