Best and High Efficient Natural Gas Garage Heater In 2022

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When it comes to winter with its freezing cold, space heaters act as an effective heating appliance and keep us warm and comfy. Especially in the garage, you cannot concentrate on your work and maintain body heat at the same time.

For that, you will need a high-efficiency natural gas garage heater to fight the cold.

Why the Natural gas heater you may ask? On the contrary to propane and electric heater, natural gas heaters are more efficient and effective in the coldest scenario. Plus they are affordable and come with plenty of safety features to make them appropriate for home and garage use.

Well, a natural gas heater can make your life more convenient in a dyer cold weather but choosing the right one, not so much.

It’s because of the highly technical terminology and tons of great brands in the market. You can go for the best one from the start but that doesn’t always guarantee an optimum result in your particular situation.

What to Consider When Buying a Natural Gas Garage Heater

There are a few keys considerations homeowners should think about before making a natural gas garage heater. Failure to properly take into account these key factors can result in the loss of time and money.

Six factors to consider before purchasing a natural gas garage heater include:

  • 1. Know the size of your garage. That means you should have a rough idea of your room size in square feet. That way you won’t end up buying a too small or big heater.
  • 2. Make sure there are adequate supplies of natural gas in your area. As most natural gas heaters won’t run on propane or electricity, so may run out of gas if supply is scarce.
  • 3. Your room should have a proper ventilation system. Natural gas heater’s flame reacts with oxygen to keep the fire up. Lack of proper ventilation may lead to oxygen deficiency in the room.
  • 4. Prepare a suitable place to set up the heater. The best place to install a heater would be the center of the house like the living room.  In the case of a workshop or garage, you need a clear space away from any important and flammable equipment.
  • 5. Try to understand the optimum place for setting up the heater. Do you want it on your wall? On the floor? On the celling? Once you have a place to install, you can pick the unit that has a suitable installation feature.
  • 6. Make a list of preferred safety features you want in your heater. Such as tip-over protection, low-oxygen shut-off, over-heat protection, flame protection, etc. Depending on your circumstances, some features are more important than others.

These are the things you should be aware of before buying any space heater for your house, garage or workshop.

Apart from these, other factors will make your buying decision more appropriate in terms of budget, value, and durability. Look out for our comprehensive gas heater buying guide at the end.

On the question of how we select our top pick, we try to go as deep as possible with each product on the list. We have a dedicated team of research and analyzing vital factors about the product. After hours of scrutinizing factory specs, we then put the winning product on our list.

Apart from that, we also investigate what are the customer’s feedback regarding that particular unit. Then we list the pros and cons of the product to inform our readers so they can have an informed decision.

Last but not least, our goal is to find you the best product for your hard-earned money.

How We Chose the Top 7 Natural Gas Garage Heaters

Product Name

Check Price

Product Dimensions

Item Weight


Brand Origin


Thermal Rating

Heating Method

Heating Area

Fuel Type

Enerco Group Inc Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT

23.75 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 27 inches Height

26.8 pounds

Enerco Group Inc

Cleveland, USA


30,000 BTU

Forced Air

1000 Square Feet

Natural Gas

Mr. Heater’s F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG

25 inches Length, 18.5 inches Width, 17 inches Height

63 pounds

Enerco Group Inc

Cleveland, USA


50,000 BTU

Forced Air

1250 Square Feet

Natural Gas/ Propane

Enerco Group Inc Vent-Free Radiant Heater

23 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 27 inches Height

24.8 pounds

Enerco Group Inc

Cleveland, USA


20,000 BTU


700 Square Feet

Natural Gas

Mr. Heater’s Small Radiant Natural Gas Heater

19.25 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 23 inches Height

17.65 pounds

Enerco Group Inc

Cleveland, USA


10,000 BTU


250 Square Feet

Natural Gas

Dyna-Glo IR12NMDG-1 Infrared Wall Heater

17.32 inches Length, 9.49 inches Width, 20 inches Height

16 pounds

GHP Group, Inc.

Niles, USA


12,000 BTU


300 Square Feet

Natural Gas

Bluegrass Living B30TNIR-BB Natural Gas Space Heater

27.5 inches Length, 25.75 inches Width, 10 inches Height

31.7 pounds

Bluegrass Living



30,000 BTU


1450 Square Feet


Fire Sense Stainless Steel Outdoor Natural Gas Heat Lamp

33 inches Length, 33 inches Width, 91 inches Height

19 pounds

Well Traveled Living


SS Steel

45,000 BTU


1000 Square Feet

Natural Gas/Propane

High-Efficiency Natural Gas Garage Heater Review

High efficiency natural gas garage heater

1. Enerco Group Inc Natural Gas Garage Heater with Thermostat

Mr. Heater is a fine piece of space heating appliance from Enerco Group Inc. a USA-based company.

It is most popular for covering small to medium size rooms and a great Natural Gas Garage Heater with Thermostat. So, when the winter comes it will keep you warm and comfy at an affordable price.

Enerco Group Inc  Natural Gas Garage Heater with Thermostat

Product Specifications:

Dimensions23.75 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 27 inches Height
Item Weight26.8 pounds
ManufacturerEnerco Group Inc
Brand OriginCleveland, USA
Thermal Rating30,000 BTU
Heating MethodConvection
Heating Area1000 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas

Features At A glance

High Thermal Rating:

The first thing you will appreciate about Mr. Heater is its high thermal rating. Where other similar products on the market have a hard time reaching such heat levels, here it does the job more economically.

The 30,000 BTU is more than enough to cover 750-1000 square feet of space no problem.

Convection Heat Distribution:

If you don’t know how convection heat distribution works, just keep in mind that it’s the most effective way of heating a space. Basically, it pulls cool air from surroundings, heats up, and then releases the less dense air that accumulates on the ceiling.

This way whether it was a wall-mounted or a standing unit, it won’t disappoint you in terms of heat distribution.

CSA Certification:

Natural gas heater does have a Blue flame inside that warms the air. As you will be placing this inside your house, garage, or workshop, you need assurance that it won’t harm your properties or you. Luckily, Mr. Heater comes with CSA certification.

That means it will shut off automatically if the oxygen level goes down. Remember, this may impede with high altitude (4,500ft) houses where the oxygen level is naturally low.

Thermostat with Two Mounting Positions:

Place this wonderful natural gas heater on the wall in your garage or a quiet corner of your living room standing. The dual installation position and the built-in thermostat allow you to prioritize your desire that makes the most out of it in the most effective way possible.

  • Low oxygen shut-offnCovers Up-to 1000 square feet of spacenVariable heat output optionnIncluded wall mount and standnNo need for external powernHeats the room from ceiling down
  • Not suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom on in vehiclesnCannot convert into propane heater

Verdict: After carefully considering all the features and safety options it comes with, it’s safe to say every dime you spend on this Mr. Heater’s MHVFB30NGT is worth it. Just remember this won’t work as much as it should in houses over 4,500 feet high above sea level.

2. Mr. Heater Ceiling Mount Natural Gas Garage Heater

This is another product of Mr. Heater’s product but the main difference is it’s a Ceiling Mount Natural Gas Garage Heater. From the look, it’s a huge unit as well as a powerful one for any house or garage. If you are the person who wants the best then this is the right product for you.

Mr. Heater Ceiling Mount Natural Gas Garage Heater

Product Specifications:

Dimensions25 inches Length, 18.5 inches Width, 17 inches Height
Item Weight63 pounds
ManufacturerEnerco Group Inc
Brand OriginCleveland, USA
Thermal Rating50,000 BTU
Heating MethodForced Air
Heating Area     1250 Square Feet
Fuel Type       Natural Gas

Features At A glance

Low Profile Mounting Design:

This workshop heater is big and powerful for most medium the slightly bigger space. For that reason, the optimum place to install would be the ceiling.

According to instructions provided by the manufacturer, you will need only 1 inch upward and 8 feet downward clearance to operate safely.

True Forced Air Action:

Having forced air action in a garage heater makes the heating operation much easier than other gas heaters in the market. If that’s not enough AC fan inside the unit pulls cold air more effectively and distributes rapidly.

Massive BTU Rating:

Being a ceiling-mounted unit and a huge design, it does output a massive amount of heat. Plus the surrounding horizontal and vertical vents also help to distribute heat more evenly and rapidly. On average the heater can produce 50,000 BTU heat.

Able to Run on Propane:

This is a natural gas heater, meaning it primarily runs on eco-friendly fuel. But what if the area you live in doesn’t have an adequate supply of natural gas. In this situation, you can’t operate your heater. Luckily, with Mr. Heater, you will get a propane converter for dual use.

  • Powerful heating capabilitynComes with ceiling bracketsnVariable heat output optionnComes with the Propane conversion kitnSelf-diagnostic and control modulenEffective heating through vertical and horizontal vents
  • Requires AC supply for spark and fannNeed to but thermostat Separately

Verdict: In one word Mr. Heater’s Big Maxx phenomenal heater with all the features and benefits. Just remember not to use any flammable liquid around the heater that would start a fire. Apart from that, it’s a great heater for the workshop and 3 car garage.

3. Enerco Group Inc Vent Free Natural Gas Heaters for Garage

Looking for the flameless heating option under budget? Mr. Heater’s Vent-free Radiant heater can be a good option.

It’s not always possible to use the forced-air heater in the garage due to lack of air circulation or existing flammable gas around. Here, vent-free works great with minimal risk of fire break.

Enerco Group Inc  Vent Free Natural Gas Heaters for Garage

Product Specifications:

Dimensions23 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 27 inches Height
Item Weight24.8 pounds
Manufacturer      Enerco Group Inc
Brand OriginCleveland, USA
Color               White
Thermal Rating20,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
Heating Area700 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas

Features At A glance

Multiple Burner Tiles:

Unlike the convection heater from Mr. Heater where they use a blue flame to heat air, this is different in that regard. They utilize multiple burner tiles that effectively warm air through the radiant method. That’s one of the reasons; the heater doesn’t require any vents.

Requires No External Power:

One of the great advantages of a gas heater is it doesn’t require any external power source to run the heating elements. It only requires a gas connection that would last forever. This is particularly helpful for the power outage in remote cabins, so you won’t freeze to death.   

Variable Output:

Being a radiant heater and use of multiple tiles, allow you to tap into variable temperature settings. The built-in thermostat also can automatically maintain a certain temperature level. This significantly increases gas efficiency.

Radiant Heat:

One common problem with using a heater in the garage and workshop would be the fire hazard. If your heater is the one with flames, you cannot use it in the proximity of flammable gas or any other sensitive equipment. Thanks to the manufacturer, this Vent Free Natural Gas Heaters for Garage is all you need in this situation.

  • Vent-free IR heaternComes with mounting stands u0026 bracketsnAutomatically Regulates temperaturenBattery-powered ignitionnRapid heat distribution through tilesnOverall compact design
  • Installation may require professional helpnKnobs may get loose after some use

Verdict: There is nothing much to say about Mr. Heater Radiant Heater except, how well it blends in your settings. All the features are there to keep you warm effectively and safely.

4. Mr. Heater Small Natural Gas Garage Heater

If you think you need the smallest gas heater for your 1 car garage, we have just the thing for you. Don’t just get puzzled with the sheer size of it. Apart from the compact design, this Small Natural Gas Garage Heater is capable enough to tackle 250 square feet of space.

Mr. Heater Small Natural Gas Garage Heater

Product Specifications:

Dimensions19.25 inches Length, 11.25 inches Width, 23 inches Height
Item Weight17.65 pounds
ManufacturerEnerco Group Inc
Brand OriginCleveland, USA
Thermal Rating10,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
Heating Area250 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas

Features At A glance

Multi-Output Valve:

We’ll all hate waiting time when a heater takes to warm the space. With a Multi-Output valve built into the unit, it can effectively heat the tiles. As a result, your waiting time decreases significantly.

Convenient Piezo Ignition:

One thing with a gas heater is you need to ignite the gas output point at the beginning. If it’s too complicated user experience always will be unpleasant. But it’s a Piezo Ignition then you fewer things to worry about. Just a simple turn of the will do the job.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor:

Whether you are using an electrical heater or gas heater, the heating element will always react with oxygen. In that process, it will burn oxygen to create heat. So it’s important to keep tabs on the oxygen level. Don’t worry the heater’s ODS sensor will do that for you along with auto shut-off.

10,000 BTU Capacities:

Being a small and compact heater doesn’t always interpret as a less capable machine. Here the Mr. Heater little IR heater puts out a respectable 10,000 BTU of heating power for 250 square feet of space.

  • Low carbon emissionnPortable designnEfficient IR tiles heaternRapid heat distributionnVersatile ½” gas connectionn2 stage Adjustable temperature
  • No thermostatnCan’t take propane as an alternative fuel

Verdict: So, you can expect adequate performance when it comes to Mr. Heater’s Small Radiant Gas Heater. Not to mention the thinner price tag that everyone can afford for their alternate heat source.

5. Dyna-Glo Ventless Natural Gas Garage Heater

Dyna-Glo invested many years in researching and developing the perfect IR heater for garages and houses. As result, they introduced IR12NMDG-1 Wall Heater that can at 99.99% efficiency whatever the surrounding condition.

Dyna-Glo Ventless Natural Gas Garage Heater

Product Specifications:

Dimensions17.32 inches Length, 9.49 inches Width, 20 inches Height
Item Weight16 pounds
ManufacturerGHP Group, Inc.
Brand OriginNiles, USA
Thermal Rating12,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
Heating Area300 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas

Features At A glance

Easy to Install:

No need to look for a technician to install it in your garage or house. All the necessary accessories like vertical stands, wall brackets, bolts come with the package. In addition to that, you can find detailed instructions for that as well.

Adequate thermal rating:

The wall heater puts out around 12,000BTU of Heat energy. That’s perfectly acceptable for a heater this size. If you convert it back to watts, you are looking at 1500watts of power from two electric heaters.

12,000 BTU per Hour:

Being a small and compact heater doesn’t always interpret as a less capable machine. Here the Mr. Heater little IR heater puts out a respectable 10,000 BTU of heating power for 250 square feet of space.

Variable Control Knob:

Having the option to turn down the heat is a big help in times of necessity. You never know if you will need to adjust the heat level. So the options to change heat level always a great advantage.

  • Option for additional fannSelf-explanatory installationn2 different temperature optionnExtremely Efficient Infrared heaternSuitable for small garage and housesnGreat for the emergency heating situation
  • Inacceptable Propane conversionnLacks Thermostat to automatically regulates

Verdict: Considering all the vital features Dyna-Glo IR Wall Heater offers, it’s a great buy, to be honest. Besides, it would be hard to find a decent Ventless Natural Gas Garage Heater in this price range.

6. Bluegrass Living Natural Gas Infrared Garage Heater

This is a higher-tier Natural Gas Infrared Garage Heater with around 30,000 BTU per hour capacity. It will not only keep your garage warm but will also cover a medium size workshop as well. Not want to deal with compromise? You should get this instead.

Bluegrass Living Natural Gas Infrared Garage Heater

Product Specifications:

Dimensions27.5 inches Length, 25.75 inches Width, 10 inches Height
Item Weight31.7 pounds
ManufacturerBluegrass Living
Brand OriginUSA
Thermal Rating30,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
Heating Area1,450 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas

Features At A glance

Massive BTU range:

Not all gas heaters are the same and consequently, not all of them have the same power. A smaller heater tends to work slowly and has a hard time maintaining the temperature. With the 30,000 BTU, you won’t have that issue regardless of the size.

Thermostat Control:

Lack of thermostat control poses a serious problem in maintaining a stable temperature. Here, the unit solves the problem by monitoring temperature and keeping it close to the preferred level.

Wide Coverage Area:

As powerful as the Bluegrass IR Heater, it also efficient at distributing heat up to 1450 square feet of space. That’s enough for most garage and workshop spaces.

Standard Safety:

Higher-tier heaters mostly come as too powerful. For that, you also need solid safety features so it can’t convey damages to existing appliances and equipment in the area.

  • Auto turn-off safetynPropane and Gas optionnSuitable for 2/3 car garagenLow emission Infrared heaternThermostat maintains temperature
  • Installation can be a bit of a hasslenPrice may be high for most buyers

Verdict: As you can see, this is a great value natural Gas heater to solve your cold problem. Whether it’s a cabin in the forest or a large workshop, Bluegrass Infrared Space Heater is the product you want.

7. Fire Sense Residential Garage Heaters Natural Gas

Our last product on the list is a bit different from the rest of the selection. Nonetheless, the utility is the same as all the others. The primary function is to keep you warm stays the same. Plus, this heater has the perfect structural design and the raw power to do it efficiently even in open places.

Fire Sense Residential Garage Heaters Natural Gas

Product Specifications:

Dimensions33 inches Length, 33 inches Width, 91 inches Height
Item Weight 19 pounds
ManufacturerWell Traveled Living.
Brand OriginUSA
ColorSS Steel
Thermal Rating45,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
Heating Area1000 Square Feet
Fuel TypeNatural Gas/Propane

Features At A glance

Unique Design:

Unlike the box heater, this is more of a tower design and all the heating hardware is on the top. As an outdoor heater, this design serves the purpose of warming up the surroundings effectively.

Durable Steel Body:

Any product for outdoor usage has to be strong and durable to withstand all the intense usage. That’s where SS Steel comes in handy.

45,000 BTU Coverage:

In general outdoor heater requires a lot of heating power cautiously. It would be pointless for the usual heater to keep warm in an open space. But the omnidirectional heater like Firesense has both the capacity (45,000 BTU) and coverage (1000+/- s.ft).

Push Knob and Regulator:

This advanced heater comes with push-button and variable intensity control knob. A built-in ignition system makes it easy to start up the fire.

  • Tip-over protectionnLong gas hose pipenEasy to follow the installationnDoesn’t require electricitynPush button for startnSuitable outdoor and open garages
  • May need a bigger mounting platenThe Pole has weak joints

Verdict: All in all, this is a great Residential Garage Heaters with Natural Gas.If it isn’t for this Fire Sense Heat Lamp, picnic, the outdoor repair won’t be possible in winter

High Efficiency Natural Gas Garage Heater Buyer Guide

Earlier, in the beginning, we discussed the important things you should know about your space for selecting a better heater. Now we will deep dive into the important fact you should consider before buying a natural gas heater. We tried to cover as many aspects that will help you get the most out of your budget.

Build Quality

I don’t need to tell you how important it is to always look for a good build quality product. Any appliances you purchase are like an investment. You would want it to be last as long as possible. Same thing with the heater build quality. A durable metal frame would last longer than a cheap knockout.


We all have our specific budget limit. Even if we find the absolute best product in the market, we can’t just buy them without managing our budget. Here some manufacturers take the opportunity and make good products with specific features that appeal to particular sets of the customer. That way we can get our desired product and we can buy it more affordably.


There are indeed some different types of the heater in the natural gas segment. Like vented, non-vented, radiator type, and so on. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to take all the advantage in your situation.


The power of a heater is generally interpreted as BTU per hour. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. For more general-purpose, it’s ideal to look for around 30,000 – 40,000 BTU heater units for optimum service. As the BTU goes higher, it will be more effective in heating bigger rooms more rapidly.

Area Coverage

After the BTU rating, this is another important factor to consider. How many square feet of space a unit can heat up in a given period? Find the answer in the spec sheet or ask the sales rep. it’s ideal to go for around 1000 square feet if you are looking for a budget option.

Safety Features

Depending on the circumstance you are in some safety features will stand out from others. Although safety features are the thing that you never can get enough of. The more is the better. But the problem with this is the price may go higher than usual. Some of the great safety features are overheating detection, fire detection, air quality protection, and tip-over safety, etc.


It is also important to know if there is any restriction along with the particular device you are buying. For example, some heater unit requires clearance space to operate safely. Some unit doesn’t recommend heater installation close to other electrical equipment and vice versa.


Who doesn’t free accessories with the appliances? If it’s something practical and useful, we can get more value out of our investment. Like a remote control, propane converter, spark plugs, spare parts, and so on.

What BTU should I choose for my Garage?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is the single most important factor when it comes to a gas heater. You want to know how much BTU you need for your space here is a quick measurement for your convenience. For every 10 square feet of space, you will need a roughly 350 BTU rating from your garage heater.

To make it easier for you to follow, we have formulated a simple table for you-

Square FeetBTU(Approximate)
10 Square Feet350 BTU
50 Square Feet1750 BTU
100 Square Fee3500 BTU
500 Square Feet17,500 BTU
1000 Square Feet35,000 BTU

From the table you can see is for every square foot of space you need 35 BTU. So it would be easy to have a general idea of what size heater you want. Luckily, the gas heater comes in 10,000- 100,000 BTU capacity depending on the size and price.

One thing to keep in mind, your surrounding environment may interfere with the average BTU requirement. Like the height of the ceiling, insulation thickness of your wall, and last but not least, extreme climate conditions.

Best Types of Garage Heater in the market

Natural gas heaters are the most efficient ones in the heater industry. Following that widespread acceptance, the manufacturer tried many fundamental and design changes. Resulting in a few types of garage Gas heater that works well in a different environment.

The first difference we see is in the fuel type. The gas heater works on either natural or propane gas.

Frequently Asked Question

u003cstrongu003eWhich one is better for the garage? Gas or Electric heater?u003c/strongu003e

Between the Electric and Gas heater, the electric one tends to cost much higher than the gas one. Although the electric heater has portability and rapid heating capability, the efficiency is not that great compared to the Gas heater. That said, a gas heater is the better option for the garage

u003cstrongu003eIs it necessary natural gas garage heaters need a vent?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, whether you are using propane or natural gas heater, you mustn’t forget about the vent. Most manufacturers provide vent accessories with the unit. If you aren’t so lucky, read the specific instruction for what size pipe do you need for proper venting?

u003cstrongu003eHow much does it cost to run a natural gas garage heater?u003c/strongu003e

For around 30,000-40,000 BTU Gas heater, you are looking at around $0.30 – $0.40 per hour. So, if you are running the heater for 4 hours, the cost would be close to $1.2 – $1.6. Although, propane and electric heater’s running cost is more around $0.70 – $0.80 per hour.

u003cstrongu003eWhat size heater do I need for a 2 car garage?u003c/strongu003e

If A typical one-car garage is about 230 square feet, your u003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopeneru0022u003e2-car garageu003c/au003eu003c/strongu003e size will be around 460 square feet. Our rough calculation of 350 BTU for every 10 Square feet comes down to 16,100 BTU capable heaters. You can always go a bit higher like 18,000 or 20,000 BTU to be safe.

Wrap Up

If you are still having had time wrapping around all the facts associated with a gas heater, it’s perfectly normal. The single most important thing to remember is the capacity of the heater. As long as your heater unit has adequate delivery, you will be fine.

Nonetheless, our top picks of high efficiency natural gas garage heaters will help you to find the best one according to your likings. Besides, we hope our comprehensive buying guide will also be useful for future reference. That said, we wish you a comfortable and warm winter.

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