How To Clean A Garage Floor With Muriatic Acid Correctly

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Cleaning up the entire garage floor is a hassle, especially when you don’t know what you have to do.  Cleaning up the surface with muriatic acid is quite effective. But, you must know how to clean the garage floor with muriatic acid.

Cleaning up the garage floor with muriatic acid consists of several steps. First of all, you need to clean up any dirt and debris. Then prepare the mixture by adding acid into the water.

After hosing down the floor apply the acid mixture onto the wet floor. When acid sits on the floor apply baking soda to neutralize it. Finally hose down the floor with water again to clean up any residues.

how to clean garage floor with muriatic acid

If you follow every step properly it’s not a big deal to get the job done. However, if you are still confused about how to the acid wash garage floor, I will clarify everything in this article.

How To Clean Garage Floor With Muriatic Acid The Step-By-Step Guide:

Cleaning up the garage floor is an important task. Because, every day your garage surface is being polluted with so much dirt, grease, and other types of chemicals. That is why it is highly important to clean it up properly.

Using muriatic acid in your garage cleaning work will make your day even shinier. However, you should always take safety measures while using acids. Below, I am discussing step by step guide so that you can learn how to clean the garage floor with muriatic acid correctly.

Step 1- Remove Dirt Properly

First of all, you must remove all kinds of dirt and grease from your garage surface. You can clean the dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

If you are struggling to remove any oil stains, you can use a concrete degreaser to help you out. Rinse the surface properly before starting the acid wash.

Step 2- Mix Acid with Water

At this point, you must mix the acid with water. Before doing this, take necessary safety measures to protect yourself from any unexpected accidents. Use acid-resistant gloves and respirators.

Keeping up baking soda in a nearby area is a good idea. Because if necessary, it can neutralize the acid. Take a bucket and pour it with water. Now, it’s time to add acid to this water. Take great care to avoid any unwanted acid spills. 

Step 3-Apply the Acid

One of the important things you must remember during concrete wash is you have to keep the entire concrete surface wet. Otherwise, the cleaning process will not be effective and you may also face unexpected acidic situations.

That is why rinse the entire area properly with a hose pipe. You should cover everything in the surroundings. Make sure that the concrete surface will be wet the entire time. You can use a plastic watering can for applying the acid mixture.

Don’t pour the entire can at a time. You need to formulate a strategy to avoid any accidents. In a general sense, your plastic can is capable to handle acid of this concentration for up to one hour. So, your strategy will be working in the small sections of your garage floor.

Also, keep several plastic watering cans ready in your hand if you need to do any kind of replacements. Another important thing is you must always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while adding acid to the water.

Step 4-Brush the Acid

After applying the acid to the floor, you must brush it properly. You can use a push broom to get the job done. Brushing the acid is so much important as it will ensure that every spot is getting covered by the acid.

When applying the acid, the floor must be wet. So, you need to be so much care to ensure that. After brushing up the floor, you must wait for 5-10 minutes so that the acid can sit perfectly. 

Step 5-Neutralize the Acid

Now, it’s time to neutralize the acid. You can use baking soda, garden lime, or any other acid-neutralizing product. Whatever product, you are using make sure that you will apply it properly. After applying, wait for ten minutes so that it can neutralize the acid properly.

Step 6- Rinse Properly

At this point, you need to rinse the floor with water properly. Rinsing the concrete surface at this stage will ensure that all kinds of residues will be washed out and you’ll get a clean garage floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does muriatic acid do to concrete?

Answer: Muriatic acid can be used on the concrete floor as it can neutralize any alkaline object. After applying the acid on the floor, it will become clean and even etched. So, the floor will be quite ready for applying a new coating.

Q2. Will muriatic acid clean paint off concrete?

Answer: If you need to remove any paint or stains from the concrete floor, muriatic acid will help you out. But, if you keep the acid for a long time, your concrete surface will be etched by it. So, when you are using muriatic acid for removing stains, you must make sure that you know the right concentration for this task.

Q3. Will muriatic acid eat plastic?

Answer: Yes, in a sense, muriatic acid will destroy the plastic. But, if you use the right concentration it will take time. If you are doing the acid wash in a large area, you may need to apply the acid with a plastic sprayer. In that case, you must keep some more plastic sprayers in hand for any necessary replacements. 

Q4. How do you apply muriatic acid to concrete?

Answer: First of all, you need to pour a container with water. Then, you need to add muriatic acid to the container. When it comes to applying acid on the floor, you can use a plastic sprayer. Sprinkle the acid on the floor by the sprayer. You will also need a brush to apply the acid evenly throughout the floor.

Final Words

Honestly, acid wash is important. Muriatic acid is one of the most effective acids for cleaning the garage floor. Now that you know how to clean the garage floor with muriatic acid, you can do it in your garage.

But, make sure that you have taken proper safety measures. Because no matter what safety first. Don’t forget to share your acid washing experience with us in the comment section.

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