How to Keep Cats Out of Garage?

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The garage area is a perfect place for stray animals like cats to give birth or hide from predators. But cats can make a mess in your garage and make you uncomfortable.

Besides, if the cat or kittens die in your garage, it’ll be difficult for you to remove them from your garage area, especially the odor. So, how to keep cats out of the garage? 

How to Keep Cats Out of Garage

Why do Cats Hide in Your Garage?

Luckily, you can keep stray cats or kittens out of your garage with little to no effort. But before that, you need to understand why cats like to hide in the garage area.

Cats hide in your garage in order to:

·   Give Birth to Kittens

If you’re a nature lover or a good observer, you already know that cats don’t give birth to kittens anywhere. They familiarize and observe the area and give birth.

After giving birth, the mother cat leaves her kittens in a safe place and hunts for food. And after returning, the mother cat wants to see her kittens the way she left them.

Considering all these reasons, there is no better place than a garage.

·  Hunt Rodents

Usually, pet cats hunt for enjoyment and fun. But stray cats hunt rodents for food. If you have a rodent colony in your garage, expect cats to visit your garage.

·  Find Safety

Animals want to stay in a safe and protected place. And a garage area is best for hiding.

Generally, cats hide when they feel threatened by predators or when they feel sick. Again, don’t think that stray cats only hide in the garage. Sometimes, you may find pet cats hiding in your garage as well.

How to Keep Cats Out of Garage?

If you are searching for how to get rid of stray cats permanently from the garage, you’re not alone. Working in the garage with cats is sometimes annoying.

Besides, while working in the garage, if any tool falls on the cat and the cat dies, you’ll have to remove the body by yourself. Moreover, stray cats are not potty trained. So, expect poops everywhere in your garage.

Here are 4 easy ways to keep cats out of your garage.

1.   Keep Your Garage Door Always Closed

Many homeowners have a bad habit of keeping their garage door always open. Sometimes, even when closed, there remains space for cats and raccoons to enter. If this is the case for you, expect cats in the garage.

When you are closing the garage door, wait to see if it fully closes or not. When you wait until the garage door is fully closed, you will know if your garage door is functioning properly or not. If the garage door doesn’t close fully, you can do the necessary repairs and make it function again.

2.   Eliminate Rodents

If you don’t want cats in your garage, keep your garage free of rodents. When there are rats, mice, and vermin in your garage, cats will definitely come to your garage. Because it’s cats’ natural instinct to hunt rodents.

Usually, pet cats hunt rodents for fun or enjoyment but stray cats hunt rodents for food. And when they know that your garage area is a good source of these rodents, it would be impossible to keep the cats away from your garage.

So, look for rodents in your garage, and as soon as you find any, call professional rodent control to keep your garage free from rats and mice.

3.   Make Your Garage a Bit Noisy

Cats don’t like noise. If the sound is more than 120 dB, it can damage the hearing ability of the cats. And no animal would want to sacrifice their hearing ability for a hiding place.

You can utilize this to your own advantage. You’ll have to make your garage area a bit noisy. As a result, cats won’t think of your garage as a good hiding place.

Besides, it’s found that cats like to sleep in a quiet area. And by making your garage a bit noisy, you can make the cats hate your garage.

But how to make your garage area noisy without putting in much effort? You can get a noise oscillator or generator to make noise in your garage

You can check this noise generator from Adaptive Sound Technologies. This noise generator provides different noise variations, including white and brown noise. Besides, it allows you to precisely control the noise volume.

4.   Use Cat Repellant

Like dogs, cats have a good smelling ability. But you can use it to your own advantage and keep cats out of your garage. You can use cat repellant to prevent cats from entering your garage.

It’s advised to use a scent-based cat repellant. It’s found that scent-based cat repellant causes more trouble to cat nostrils.

As a cat repellant, you can use ingredients such as vinegar and citronella. These ingredients are found effective as a cat repellant.

FAQs about How to Keep Cats Out of the Garage

1.     Does vinegar stop cats from pooping?

u003cstrongu003eYes, it’s found that vinegar can stop cats from pooping.u003c/strongu003e Besides, the use of vinegar can prevent unwanted behaviors from cats.

2.     Does vinegar keep cats away?

u003cstrongu003eYes, you can use vinegar to keep cats away from your home or garage area.u003c/strongu003e Besides, vinegar helps repel pests and insects from your space.

3.     What is the most effective homemade cat repellent?

u003cstrongu003eCitronella is found as an effective homemade cat repellent.u003c/strongu003e You can use citronella as a mosquito repellant as well.  

4.     Can I use essential oil as a cat repellent?

Yes, you can use essential oil as a cat repellant.


The bottom line is to keep your garage door closed, use cat repellant and keep the rodents away to keep cats out of your garage.

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