How to Put a TV in the Garage

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It’s a common practice to have the TV in the living rooms and bedrooms. With TVs becoming so cheap, people now require televisions in their garages too.

The modern garage has become more than just a parking space, and you probably knew that already. It’s a versatile sanctuary in your home and essential for your sense of wellbeing.

If you are reading this article, you’re probably thinking about putting a garage TV in your “man cave” for various reasons.

 Maybe you don’t want to miss any second of your favorite show while relaxing in your man cave. Or, perhaps you just need to improve the general outlook of your garage.

With the right equipment, knowledge, and patience, you can install a garage TV without any help. This task is quite simple, provided you are doing the right thing. Doing it wrongly can cancel out any warranty that might still be in effect.

That’s why we’ve penned down this guide to show you the safest method on how to put a TV in the garage.

how to put a TV in the garage

Why put a TV in a garage?

Apart from keeping up with your favorite TV shows, there are also a number of other reasons you may need to have a TV in your garage. A TV in the garage may seem like a luxury, but it has so many positive benefits, as shown below.

Do-It-Yourself Videos

Most new TV models are equipped with WIFI to offer you access to YouTube videos right through the internet. You won’t need to read the instructions on a manual or follow them on a tiny smartphone screen.

It will be available at your whim, right in the comfort of your garage. For example, you can find free DIY car repair videos on YouTube that show you the complex details of fixing various car issues.

Having Fun in Your Garage

If you’re already conversant with vehicle repairs and not interested in educational videos, you may not need the DIY videos. Instead, you may want to install the TV to keep up with your favorite program or catch on the latest political news.

It allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and technology while attending to things of more importance.

Party Room 

Sometimes you may need to throw a party. Unfortunately, your guestroom is too small to fit all the guests. Also, you cannot host them in the garden because of bad weather.

The only option is to turn your garage into a party room. And as you know, there is no party without some sort of entertainment, which in this case – is a TV. A good TV coupled with a sound music system will make people forget they are in a garage.  

Man Cave

Sometimes you may just need a personal space away from your wife to unwind or meditate. It gives you the freedom you need after a long day or week. If you are going to spend the better part of your weekends in this man cave, you better equip it with a television.

If your wife is watching a soap opera in the living room, you can retreat to your garage to catch the Game of Thrones. No man cave can be complete with an entertainment system.

Is it okay to put a TV in your garage?

It’s technically acceptable to put a TV in your garage. There is no reason why you cannot do this.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that excessive heat or freezing temperatures can affect your TV’s performance and lifespan. The ideal temperature required is dependent on the TV’s model.

But as a rule of thumb, the optimal temperature for operating an LCD or LED television should range between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure there is enough insulation and an air conditioning system before you decide to put a TV inside. Install a fan to cool the room during hot weather.

Clean the Space

Once you’re sure your garage has the ideal temperature for operating an electronic gadget, it’s time to get rid of dirt and dust.

Sweep the floor, dust off surfaces, remove cobwebs and wash the space. Don’t forget to clean the garage doors, windows, and cabinets. Additionally, you can use artificial scents and air fresheners to help you remove that musty smell.  

Check for Leaks 

Patch cracks or holes in the roof and walls, if there are any. Water leaks coming from the garage can be detrimental to televisions and other electronic devices. 

Where to mount the TV

Review all the sports you will want to be able to view on the television in your garage. Ideally, choose a higher place. For best visibility, make sure it does not end up higher than is preferably appropriate for viewing.

If you are putting it inside a cabinet, make sure the sliding pocket doors won’t disrupt the view. You can also consider a garage cabinet for storing other TV accessories, such as a cable box or wireless router.

How to Install the TV  

The manufacturer’s instructions can save you a lot of headaches by taking you through the process of getting it installed.

Watching TV Without A Cable

You can watch your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your garage without a cable or satellite. But first, you need to make sure your TV is a smart TV equipped with streaming apps.

If it is not a smart TV, get a streaming device that you’ll connect to your TV. Unlike cable TVs, streaming devices don’t charge any monthly or yearly fees.  


Through this article, you’ve learned how to put a TV in the garage. A garage might not sound like the most appropriate place to install a TV, but it is a trend that’s catching quickly. It allows you to watch your favorite shows from the ultimate comfort of your garage.

Additionally, with a TV at hand, you could catch traffic, weather, and news updates while doing other stuff in the garage.

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