How to Raise a Roof on a Garage

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Having a taller garage is possible and has its own set of advantages. With a taller garage, you can park larger vehicles or even a truck in your garage. However, before raising the roof of your garage, you’ll have to consider a few factors like cost, permits, etc.

If you’re worried about how to raise a roof on a garage or how to make a garage roof higher, you’re in the right place. Because here, we will cover everything required to raise a garage roof.

how to raise a roof on a garage

How to Raise a Roof on a Garage Safely – 3 Ways to Do So, Advantages, Permits & FAQs

1. Jacking Up a Garage Roof 

In this method, you’ll have to use a hydraulic lift to raise the roof of your garage. But before raising the roof, you’ll have to ensure that your garage structure is well built and stable. Otherwise, while using the hydraulic lift, your garage structure can collapse and ruin the whole project. 

2. Raise the Actual Garage 

If you don’t want to take the risk of using the hydraulic lift to raise your garage roof, instead, you can raise your entire garage.

Here, you’ll have to extend the walls by adding a footer to the floor. However, before raising the garage, you should consult a building professional and ask for required estimates.  

3. Build a New Garage Roof from the Scratch 

Unlike the other 2 methods we mentioned, you won’t have to raise the heavy roof or raise the entire garage. Besides, in this method, you’ll have to build walls and raise the roof, which is undoubtedly a lot safer and more inexpensive than the previous two ways we explained.

2 Advantages of Taller Garage Roof

1. You Can Park Larger Vehicles 

With a regular garage roof, sometimes it gets difficult to store larger vehicles or boats. But when you raise the roof, you can park vehicles such as trucks and even boats or rafters. Again, when you park your vehicles or boats in your garage, you won’t have to think about their safety. 

2. More Vertical Space 

When you raise your garage roof, you’ll have more vertical space. That means you can bring innovative ideas into your garage and make your garage space more organized with shelves and garage hooks.

You can check Pinterest or other social platforms to get more ideas about using your vertical garage space more efficiently.

Raising Garage Roof Planning Permission 

As I mentioned earlier, before raising your garage roof, you’ll have to take necessary permission from your local city authorities. Generally, if you raise more than 150 millimeters above the existing structure, you’ll have to take permission from your city planning authority.

Usually, homeowners tend to raise at least five to six feet, which means that you’ll have to take permission from your local city authorities. 

Consequences of Not Taking the Permission 

You may be thinking about why you should bother about taking permission from your local city authorities since no one’s going to come to check your garage. Don’t think this for a second. Not taking the permit may be the worst thing you can do to your garage.

For example, if your envious neighbor reports your illegal garage roof extension to the city authorities, they will send you an enforcement notice right away, and you’ll have to pay huge fines for not abiding by the rules.

Besides, in some cases, you may have to demolish the garage roof, and you’ll have to pay for all the demolition fees. 

Undoubtedly, it’s not worth taking these risks while raising your garage roof. That’s why before raising the garage roof, go to your local city authority’s planning office and file an application. After that, your local city authority will inspect your garage and permit you.

FAQs about Garage Roof Raise 

1. What is the Cost of Constructing a New Roof on a Garage Using Hydraulic Lift Method?  

It depends on the garage roof-raising method you choose. u003cstrongu003eFor example, raising your garage roof with a hydraulic lift will cost you around $5 to $15 for each square footu003c/strongu003e.

2. Is It Possible to Make the Garage Taller? 

Yes, it’s possible to make your garage taller, and for this, you’ll have to raise your garage roof. 

3. What is the Average Total Cost of Raising a Garage Roof?

Unlike traditional home improvements, raising a garage roof requires less money than you might think. You can probably raise your garage roof within $15,000 to $18,000. 

4. What is an Ideal Headroom for Garage Doors?

u003cstrongu003eIt’s best to have a garage door headroom of about 10 to 12 inches.  u003c/strongu003e


When you raise your garage roof, you can utilize your garage space more wisely and efficiently with products like Hyloft. However, you’ll have to ensure that you follow all the construction guidelines and maybe hire a professional if needed.

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