How to Do LiftMaster Keypad Programming No Enter Button

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To keep our garage space safe from intruders, we often use various automatic or controlled door openers like LiftMaster 877Max or LiftMaster 877LM. These garage door openers only allow people who have a passcode. However, sometimes your kids or the sitter need to enter the garage while you are away or your UPS guy might need to leave an expensive package for you but you are not home to let him in. In these circumstances, knowing how to do LiftMaster keypad programming no enter button will come into play. 

This blog is for you if you don’t know how to use the LiftMaster keypad without the enter button.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster is in the door opener industry for the last 50 years, and they offer garage door openers, remotes, and other accessories. Their wide range of garage door openers will keep your garage some from intruders.

liftmaster keypad programming no enter button

LiftMaster Keypad Programming No Enter Button: 3 Steps  

If you’re worried about how to program the LiftMaster keypad without the learn button, worry no more. Follow these steps and change the pin of your garage door opener.  

Step 1: Unplug the Garage Door Opener

To get access to your garage door’s inner opening, you’ll have to first unplug the door opener. It’ll ensure you don’t get shocks accidentally.

Step 2: Switch the Mode from Operate to Program

At first, you’ll have to remove the faceplate from the door opener. After removing the faceplate from the door opener, search for the dual operation or program. When you find the dual operation or program, you’ll see that it’s set on the operating mode. You’ll have to switch the mode from operating to program mode. By switching the mode, you’ll be able to change the pin of your garage door opener.

Step 3: Changing the Pin

After switching the mode, it’s time to change the pin of your garage door opener. When the pin setup is done, switch your garage door mode to operate mode and plug your garage door opener.


You should never select a generic pin, which is easy to crack. After selecting the pin, write down the pin in a safe place or document, where none but only you can access it. This will help you unlock your garage door when you forget the pin.

Reprogram LiftMaster Keypad with Enter Button: Easy 3 Steps

Step 1: Go to the Learn Button

Usually, learn button can be found on top of your garage, and to get there, you may have to use a ladder. After finding the learn button in your garage, you’ll have to press and release the button multiple times. Again, if you have MyQ control in your garage, you’ll have to press and release the learn button only twice.

Step 2: Change the Code

After pressing the learn button a few times, you’ll have to select a new code for your garage door opener. However, to select a new code, you’ll have only 30 seconds. So, you’ll have to select the code fast, and it’s recommended that you select the code way before pressing the learn button of the LiftMaster garage door opener.

Step 3: Test the New Code

After setting the new garage door opener code, you’ll notice that the lights of your garage door opener are blinking. If you see this happening, this means that your new garage door opener is ready to use.

Now, wait for a few seconds, and it’s time to put the new garage door opener code into a test. If you find out that your new garage door opener isn’t working, you’ll have to follow these steps again.

3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Program LiftMaster Gate Keypad

Compromised Gate Keypad Code

The sole purpose of using a garage door opener is that you can control who can enter your garage and who cannot. But if someone knows your garage door opener code, you don’t have that control anymore. If you don’t change your garage door code immediately, your garage security will be in danger.

Having Trouble in Remembering the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Code

If you keep forgetting your garage door opener code, you’ll have to set a code that is easy to remember yet unique. Besides, you can write your code in a safe notebook or document, where you can only access it. Thus, if you forget the code again, you can get back to your notebook and remember the garage door opener code again.

New Tenants

When you have new tenants in your home, sometimes it’s impossible to stay all the time while using the garage. In this case, you’ll have to reprogram the LiftMaster keypad.

FAQs about LiftMaster Keypad Programming Without the Enter Button

1.     How much does a LiftMaster Door Opener Cost?

On average, a LiftMaster garage door opener will cost you around 120 USD to 350 USD with installation. To get your required garage door opener from the LiftMaster, visit their website for more details.

2.     Where Can I Get the LiftMaster Learn Button?

Usually, learn button of your garage door opener will be near the antenna. Again, it can be below the light cover of your garage as well. If you don’t know where is your learn button, look for brighter colors such as green, red or yellow.

3.     What Should I Keep in Mind while Selecting LiftMaster Keypad Reset Unknown Pin?

Don’t select 1234 or 0000 for your door opener. Because these pins are very easy to decode, and if you select such pins, your garage security will be compromised. That’s why you should always select a pin that is unique.

4.     Are There Any Limitations in Changing the Pin?

No, there aren’t any. You can change the pin whenever you feel the need to change it.


LiftMaster offers various types of garage door openers for your garage. You can visit their shop or website and buy the one that matches your budget and requirements. Again, after buying a garage door opener, you should select a unique pin for it. If you have the tendency to forget your pins, you can write the door pin in a safe document.

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