How to Lower a Garage Floor – A Garage Transformation

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Usually, most homeowners prefer to have a concrete garage floor. Again, some homeowners prefer to have a wooden or epoxy garage floor.

Whatever your garage floor type is, to lower the garage floor, you need to first remove the layer of concrete, epoxy, or wood, excavate and cover the garage floor again. But is lowering the garage floor a good idea?

lowering garage floor

Garage Transformation: Lowering Garage Floor

Before jumping into this process, you should check the feasibility of lowering the garage floor.

Feasibility of Lowering the Garage Floor

Before starting the garage transformation project, you need to know how deep your garage foundation is. If you want to lower the garage floor as deep as the garage foundation, this project will be straightforward.

You need to remove the garage floor, excavate the soil, and then cover the area with concrete or your preferred material.

However, if you want to have a garage floor lower than your garage foundation, it’ll be time-consuming and require more labor, which will eventually increase the overall cost.

Apart from the depth of the garage foundation, you’ll have to take the risk of flooding into account. Because if you lower your garage floor too deep, water can easily get into your garage and become stagnant.

And to avoid this issue, you’ll need separate drainage in your garage, which will increase your cost.

Lowering a Concrete Slab: A Step by Step Guide

If you are interested in lowering your garage floor, follow these four steps:

Step 1: Check the Building Plan

Before starting this garage transformation, you need to check the building plan because, in some building plans, a concrete garage floor is added to the main structural component.

And if this is the case, you cannot remove the garage floor without the city authority’s permission. However, if you don’t find the building plan, hire a professional building contractor and check if you can remove the garage floor or not.

Step 2: Break the Garage Floor

You can use a jackhammer or pavement breaker to break your garage floor. And for cutting the rebar, you can use the bolt cutter.

While cutting the rebar, you need to cut them into small sections so that it’s easier for you to remove them.

Again, in some cases, rebar can get attached to the concrete. Here, you’ll have to cut the garage floor into small sections so that you can remove both the rebar and concrete slab together.

Step 3: Digging

After removing the concrete slab, dig the soil as much as you want to lower the garage floor. For digging the soil, you can use a shovel.

Step 4: Re-flooring the Garage  

Now, pour concrete or epoxy to reconstruct your garage floor.

FAQs about Lowering Garage Floor

1.     What tools are required for digging out the garage floor?

You’ll require bolt cutters, a shovel, a level, and a jackhammer for digging the garage floor.

2.     Can I lower the garage floor by myself?

As it requires a lot of labor and some technical work, it’s advised to hire a professional constructor for this garage transformation project.

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