Solar Powered Garage Door Openers: Are They Worth It?

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There is no alternative to “Go green” to reduce carbon emissions and build a climate-change-proof world for our next generation. You can also be a part of this movement by installing a solar-powered garage door opener. 

Most homeowners consider solar-powered garage door openers as a sustainable and effective source of energy for their homes.

Besides, this type of garage door opener is easy to install and manage. Moreover, with this solar-powered solution, you can avoid blackouts during storms or other natural disasters.

solar powered garage door opener

What Is a Solar Garage Door Opener?

A solar-powered garage door opener is also known as an automatic gate because you don’t have to manually open or close the garage door. You can operate this garage door opener with your smart devices. 

To operate this garage door opener, you don’t have to pay anything extra with your utility bill as it collects energy from solar. However, some solar door openers have dual power options – solar and electricity.

How to Install a Solar Garage Door Opener 

Step 1: Start with a Bracket

A solar-powered door opener kit comes with a bracket. In this bracket, you’ll have to install the solar panel. While installing the bracket, you’ll have to ensure that it’s installed at such an angle that it can gather the maximum sunlight.

Step 2: Wiring 

After installing the solar panel in the bracket, you’ll have to connect the garage door opener with a cable. For this, you’ll first have to strip the cable and connect it to the low voltage wires. Then, secure the cables by using cable caps. 

Step 3: Connection & Testing 

Before connecting the cables to the batteries, you’ll have to ensure that the batteries are in a safe place. After that, connect the cables and test the connection. When all the connections are done, you’ll have to remove the plug and reset the system.  

If the garage door opener functions while connecting it to a battery, you’re good to go to the next step. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the whole wiring. 

Step 4: Connecting the Solar Panel 

When all the connections are done, clip a second wire from the solar battery and then connect it to your door opener control unit. While connecting the cable, you’ll have to ensure that you’re joining the right cables.

This new line will enable the battery to charge from the controller of the solar panel. If you’re currently looking for one, you can check this solar panel from the Seachoice. 

Step 5: Testing the Whole System 

Now, it’s time to test the whole garage door system. For this, you’ll have to ensure that the battery is fully charged. Then, if you can successfully open or close your garage door, it means that it’s properly installed. 

3 Advantages of a Solar Battery Garage Door Opener 

1. Zero Carbon Emission

The apparent advantage of using a solar garage door opener is that it doesn’t consume additional electricity while operating. As a result, the carbon footprints of your house are reduced. Also, this results in minimum energy usage, which eventually lowers the utility costs.

2. Can Operate During Blackouts 

As the solar garage door opener uses solar energy to operate the doors, it doesn’t need additional electricity. As a result, you can use the garage door opener during power outages and blackouts. 

3. Doesn’t Require Bright & Shiny Day 

Solar systems were useless during gloomy or cloudy days. But solar technology has evolved in the last years and it is now able to gather energy from minimum sunlight. This makes the solar garage door opener useful for any condition and area.

FAQs about Solar Powered Roller Garage Doors

1. Is Solar-Powered Garage Door Opener Easy to Install? 

u003cstrongu003eCompared to regular garage door openers, a solar-powered garage door opener is a bit complex to install, which eventually increases the overall installation costs. u003c/strongu003e

2. Is Solar Garage Door Opener Durable? 

u003cstrongu003eYesu003c/strongu003e, it’s durable. However, it can be vulnerable to high winds or tree branches. 

3. Does a Solar Garage Door Opener Need a Shiny Day to Operate? 

u003cstrongu003eNo, modern solar-powered garage door openers can operate during gloomy days too. u003c/strongu003e

4. What Battery Is Used in the Solar Garage Door Opener?  

u003cstrongu003e12 volts of DC batteries are used in the solar garage door opener.u003c/strongu003e


Undoubtedly, it’s a great choice to install a solar-powered battery garage door opener. However, finding the perfect solar panel can sometimes be a bit tricky. But we’ll have a buying guide for it on our website very soon. So keep an eye out for it.

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