Best Bluetooth Speaker For Garage In 2022

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Your garage is a versatile place for safe storage of your precious car as well as doing repairs, working out, and other DIY projects.

Naturally, when you spend long hours there, it can be dull sometimes due to the constant nature of the grind. How do you cope with that? Simply, get the best Bluetooth speaker for the garage and immerse yourself in the work.

You may say there are other ways to consume music and overcome tedious tasks.  Like using a headphone or wired speakers that you see with computers. So, why do you need Bluetooth speakers? Let me explain.

Whether you are working on a car upgrade or lifting weights, music should be for entertainment purposes. Not a distracting factor with all the wires and connections. That’s also true when you make DIY stuff. You would want to be aware of the surroundings and let the speaker do its magic from a safe distance.

That’s where Bluetooth speakers come into play. Unfortunately, among hundreds of similar products and numerous brands in the market, it’s rather difficult to choose the best one.

On top of that, if you have a specific requirement and you don’t know which speaker does the best, you are in for a long scrolling session.

Don’t worry, we have already done the research combing through dozens of top-quality products. It took us a great number of hours to place each Bluetooth speaker in a specific category with the same features.

Then we compare those and take out the best in each category which you can find in the list below.

If you still can’t find the right fit from our list, check out our Buying guide on Bluetooth speakers for the garage at the end. Without further ado let’s get started.

How We Chose the Top 7 Bluetooth Speaker For Garage

Product Name

Check Price

Product Dimensions

Item Weight


Brand Origin


Bluetooth Range


Battery Playtime

Bass Radiators

Water Resistance

1. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5.3 Inch Length, 2.8 Inch Width, 2.6 inches Height

9 Ounces

Cambridge SoundWorks


8 Different colors

Up to 100 feet

10 Watts

Up to 14 Hours


IPX5 Certified

2. JBL FLIP 4 - Bluetooth Portable Speaker

2.76 Inch Length, 6.89 Inch Width, 2.68 inches Height

1.14 Pounds



6 Different colors

Up to 20 feet

16 Watts

Up to 12 Hours


IPX7 Certified

3. JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

7.1 Inch Length, 2.7 Inch Width, 2.9 inches Height

1.2 Pounds



11 Different colors

Up to 75 feet

20 Watts

Up to 12 Hours


IPX7 Certified

4. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker

6.7 Inch Length, 2.2 Inch Width, 2.3 inches Height

13.4 Ounces


North America

2 Different colors

Up to 66 feet

16 Watts

Up to 24 Hours


IPX7 Certified

5. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

6.5 Inch Length, 2.2 Inch Width, 1.8 inches Height

12.6 Ounces



2 Different colors

Up to 66 feet

16 Watts

Up to 24 Hours


IPX7 Certified

6. TAMPROAD Portable Bluetooth Speakers

9 Inch Length, 7 Inch Width, 10 inches Height

2.79 Pounds



Comes in Black

Up to 33 feet

11 Watts

Up to 8 Hours



7. BUGANI M83 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

12.72 Inch Length, 6.69 Inch Width, 4.37 inches Height

4.42 Pounds



Black + Orange

Up to 33 feet

40 Watts

Up to 40 Hours


IPX5 Certified

The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Garage Reviews 2022

best bluetooth speaker for garage

1. OontZ Angle 3 Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Oontz is a very reputable and popular brand among music enthusiasts due to its unparalleled sound quality. Their Angel 3 is the 4th generation Bluetooth stereo speaker with all the latest technology you could ever imagine. 

OontZ Angle 3 Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       5.3 Inch Length, 2.8 Inch Width, 2.6 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              9 Ounces
  • Manufacturer:                  Cambridge SoundWorks
  • Brand Origin:                  USA
  • Color:                               8 Different colors
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 100 feet
  • Power:                             10 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 14 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               1
  • Water Resistance:           IPX5

Features At a Glance

Crystal Clear Sound:

Let’s talk about the amazing sound quality first. The attractive triangular design and the wonderful dual precision output engineering are the results of Cambridge SoundWork’s years of R&D. No wonder why the sound is so crystal clear even if you have a pretty big garage.

Adjustable Volume:

Regulating volume in a Bluetooth speaker isn’t something new or exciting, but what if you can do that without sacrificing sound quality. That’s something we have always wanted and OontZ delivers just that with the dual-driver.

100 Feet Range:

If you ever wish that your Bluetooth speaker had a little more range so you could take it to the garage or front porch to play music. Well, with 100 feet of built-in range I bet you could take it to any corner of the house or the garage.

Up to 14 hours of playback time

Longer backup time usually increases the fun time you can have with a Bluetooth speaker. Whether you took it to a remote party or simply in your garage for productive work, it’s got your back up to 14 hours.

  • Effective designnDual precision drivernPowerful bass radiatornIPX5 water and dust resistancenVersatile Compatibility
  • Using Alexa on this device is a bit of a hasslenHard to navigate through the solid Black button

Verdict: The OontZ Angle 3  is the Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in the market having quality hardware. It’s not just amazing in the spec sheet, in real life it proves that too, it can rock your garage and house.

2. JBL FLIP 4 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 150

Our next product on the list is from JBL which needs no introduction. The name itself screams quality and years of trust they have built towards customer satisfaction. JBL flip is such a product that you can buy immediately if you don’t have any specific requirements. 

JBL FLIP 4 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 150

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       2.76 Inch Length, 6.89 Inch Width, 2.68 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              1.14 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:                  JBL
  • Brand Origin:                  USA
  • Color:                               6 Different colors
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 20 feet
  • Power:                             16 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 12 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               2
  • Water Resistance:           IPX7

Features At a Glance

Vertical Design:

JBL seems to know what they are doing with the design. The benefit of the vertical design is it takes so much less space, practically it can stand on a footprint of a coffee mug. Worry less about taking up space in the garage, If that’s not brilliant I don’t know what is.

Waterproof Mesh:

For a small stereo speaker like Flip 4, it’s easy to drop in places and susceptible to various water damage. Thanks to the dual waterproof mesh surrounding the device that protects from water getting into the system. So, do all the wet work in the garage worry-free.

Dual Passive Bass Radiators:

Without clear bass, even the incredible track sounds pretty bland and dull. With Flip 4, you don’t have to worry about that as it has a dual passive bass radiator that will blow your mind. Have a favorite garage song, play your heart out as long as you like.

Simultaneous Connect:

You are at a garage party, picnic, or in the gym that calls for a special musical arrangement for everyone to enjoy. Just connect with other flip 4 with integrated features and make a powerful sound system that is suitable for a big gathering.

  • Durable Portable designnPowerful sound deliverynDual Mesh for dust and water repelnHigh-speed Type-C chargingnConnect 2 devices simultaneously
  • A bit heavier than it looksnSome complained about the battery not holding a charge after 3/4 months

Verdict: After considering all the features it’s safe to say the JBL FLIP 4 lives up to its reputation. So if you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 150 for your garage, I am sure you will find JBL worth your money.

3. JBL FLIP 5 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It’s not our fault that JBL makes such good devices and keeps appearing on our list repeatedly. As a result, the JBL Flip 5 releases their next-generation waterproof Bluetooth speaker with tons of upgrades.

JBL FLIP 5 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       7.1 Inch Length, 2.7 Inch Width, 2.9 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              1.2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:                  JBL
  • Brand Origin:                  USA
  • Color:                               11 Different colors
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 75 feet
  • Power:                             20 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 12 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               2
  • Water Resistance:           IPX7 Certified

Features At a Glance

Larger Drive Size:

It has a larger drive inside the contraption even bigger than the already famous Flip-4. With its sheer size, sounds have more detail and definition without compromising their integrity. For any specious garage, that’s the number one priority and it should be for others as well.

Bigger Battery:

Being the latest and greatest portable Bluetooth speaker, the unit must-have components that match overall quality. The 4800mAh battery pack compliments such powerful hardware and delivers uninterrupted runtime of up to 12 hours. Enough to finish the garage session in one take.

High Power Audio:

Do you know why the Flip-5 is so popular after Flip-4 which had been already so widely held? The answer is the high power output. Previously it was 16 watts but now it’s 20 watts. More watts means roaring and a clean tune to enjoy while working in the garage.

PartyBoost Feature:

If you think a single Flip 5 can’t handle a garage party, try connecting multiple ReadyBoost compatible devices to increase the fun. You can either use this feature to achieve surround sound or amp up the existing sound delivery.

  • Ultra-portable form factornTakes less space to installnType-C Quick charge availablenunderwater protection up to 30 minnAmazing sound delivery
  • High price for such small devicesnSome face issues with charging after long use

Verdict: Just like any other Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, JBL FLIP 5 comes with a premium price tag and superior quality. In addition to that, you get unparalleled value and usage for years to come in your garage.

4. Tribit Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Next on the list is the Tribit XSound, another widely popular Bluetooth speaker. To be honest, it’s not like JBL but it does the job without breaking your bank. Looking for a speaker similar to JBL? Check this portable stereo device.

Tribit Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       6.7 Inch Length, 2.2 Inch Width, 2.3 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              13.4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer:                  Tribit
  • Brand Origin:                  North America
  • Color:                               2 Different colors
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 66 feet
  • Power:                             16 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 24 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               2
  • Water Resistance:           IPX7 Certified

Features At a Glance

Audio Beast:

From the look of it, it may seem very underpowered but you wait till you hear the sound in real life. The dual driver provides crystal clear and louder music output. Despite the small look it can hold its own just fine and can surprise you while grinding in the garage.

Extreme Waterproofing:

Whether you are planning to use the device at a garage party or poolside gathering, there are always risks of getting things wet or slipping coffee. Well, with the Tribit you hardly have to worry about such a thing as it is waterproof with IPX7 certification.

Party hard all you want and most importantly, don’t forget to get wet!

Sleek design:

It’s true in most cases that Bluetooth speakers tend to look the same old square design and can be boring sometimes. Tribit here takes things differently with its round shape and tucked-in speaker grill design. It looks sleek and will be your perfect companion in the garage.

All-day Play:

Unlike any other Bluetooth stereo devices where they all have half a day of playtime, the Tribit provides a better solution. It’s got a full-day battery backup with 16-watt consumption. So, it’s not just like conceding sound quality in place of playtime rather booming like a garage champ.

  • Massive rangenAll-day playtimenBuilt-in Mic and voice controlnQuick charge with Type-CnWater and drop protection
  • The charger port gets loose after rough use.nSometimes the treble can be annoying

Verdict: Tribit XSound Go Is a very capable wireless speaker. And the good part is that it costs only a fraction of most products on the list.

So, if you are a person having a budget issue, you can buy this Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for your garage without much compromise.

5. Anker Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers

Make no mistake! Although this is a brand from China, its satisfied customers all over the world should give you a different sense of the brand.

Don’t believe me? Just search the term “Anker” on google or youtube you will see how the company is making its place in the gadget world. Anker Soundcore 2 is part of that journey.

Anker Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers

 Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       6.5 Inch Length, 2.2 Inch Width, 1.8 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              12.6 Ounces
  • Manufacturer:                  Anker
  • Brand Origin:                  China
  • Color:                               3 Different colors
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 66 feet
  • Power:                             12 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 24 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               2
  • Water Resistance:           IPX7 Certified

Features At a Glance

Neodymium Driver:

One of the big reasons Anker is winning in the stereo speaker market is the use of quality components.

Just like the Neodymium Driver they use in their stereo speakers. The drive alone can draw up to 12 watts of power, enough for a two-car garage. So u can tell the drivers are strong which is great for thumping sound.

High-Def Bass:

Bass is the lifeblood of modern music. If your speaker can’t express in a comprehensive way you might as well find the one that does.

Your stereo speaker should know how to radiate bass properly. Anker does this perfectly without any weird distracting noise while working in the garage.

Li-Ion Battery Pack:

The great thing about the li-ion battery pack is that it delivers consistent power and lasts longer. With the 5200mAh battery pack, you could last a whole day or a couple of days of moderate use.

This is very handy when you are on a long trip or long garage session and you don’t have to worry about the charger.

Intuitive Control:

Anker isn’t just a startup company that has been up for a couple of months. No, it’s been around for years!

All this time they have redefined the designs and controls just to make it easy for the end-users. The navigation control showcases exactly that and lets you work peacefully in your garage.

  • Massive BatterynSimultaneous pairnPowerful Bass deliverynWater damage protectionnBigger navigation Button
  • Pairing with new devices can be irritating sometimes.nHold fingerprints on the body

Verdict: In general, Anker products are very good despite the company being in China.

Moreover, if you find yourself that Anker Soundcore 2 is in your budget range, you should get one for your garage. You won’t regret the decision, because this is one of the Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers and given all the useful features.

6. TAMPROAD Bluetooth Speaker With Radio

TampRoad is more of a budget product rather than an expensive stereo speaker with tons of features. If your goal is to find a budget speaker that has decent sound delivery, this is it. On top of that, the product already has a bunch of features and cool designs ascetics to compensate.

TAMPROAD Bluetooth Speaker With Radio

 Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       9 Inch Length, 7 Inch Width, 10 inches Height
  • Item Weight:                              2.79 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:                  TampRoad
  • Brand Origin:                  USA
  • Color:                               Comes in black
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 33 feet
  • Power:                             11 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 8 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               1
  • Water Resistance:           N/A

Features At a Glance

Colorful Design:

The product conforms to a unique Bluetooth speaker design for anything you have ever seen on the market. It’s got a ring light surrounding the speaker that looks amazing. Not only will this treat your ears as well as your garage atmosphere with the mesmerizing colors shifting.

Action-Packed Sound Delivery:

What do you see in a typical Bluetooth speaker? A Couple of speakers, and a radiator somewhere. Behold the TampRoad that comes with 3 speakers, 2 tweeters, 1 subwoofer, and last but not least a heavy bass tube in the back.

As if the manufacturer was trying to give everything in a small package. A lot of action for garage settings.

Versatile Device Support:

Apart from the Bluetooth capability, you can connect more devices than just a phone. It supports U-Disk, TV, and MP3 players through a 3.5mm jack and so on. Plus, you get the FM Radio option to play your favorite station from your garage.

Remote Control:

This is a very handy feature when in a crowded garage or just working on a confining DIY project. Control everything from changing modes, volumes, and turning off from a distance. Navigating through various options has never been so easy.

  • Eye candy designnRemote navigationnWide device compatibilitynComes with carrying HandlenTons of sound delivery technology
  • Not as good as the other product on the listnNot suitable for party or larger room

Verdict: If your primary goal is to buy a portable Bluetooth Speaker With Radio and don’t care much about the sound quality, you can get away with TAMPROAD Bluetooth Speakers. Moreover, that gives you a solid option to save some money for a great quality Bluetooth garage speaker.

7. BUGANI Best Party Bluetooth Speaker

This is our last product on the list and a very special Bluetooth speaker for any music enthusiast. Why? It’s got the killer sound delivery profile in such a small form factor. Not everyone can achieve such a level of awesomeness and live to tell the tale.

BUGANI Best Party Bluetooth Speaker

 Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions:       12.72 Inch Length, 6.69 Inch Width, 4.37 inches Height
  • Weight:                            4.42 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:                  Mifaso
  • Brand Origin:                  USA
  • Color:                               Black + Orange
  • Bluetooth Range:            Up to 33 feet
  • Power:                             40 Watts
  • Battery Playtime:             Up to 40 Hours
  • Bass Radiators:               2
  • Water Resistance:           IPX5

Features At a Glance

Massive 40w Driver:

When it comes to great sound quality, the driver size makes all the difference. The bigger the driver size, the better the sound quality. If you think a 20w driver sounds better, imagine what a 40watt driver will do. It will be amazing at every conceivable angle in your garage.

Rugged Design:

A portable Bluetooth speaker always goes through a lot of brutal handling, and that’s why very few survive till the end in a garage environment.

With Bugani M83 you do not need to worry about the well-being of the device. Its rugged construction along with IPX5 water and dust resistance keeps the device more durable.

40 Hours Runtime:

When traveling with friends or going to a picnic, the first thing to come to mind would be how you would change your wireless speaker. As the product has over 40 hours of run time, you could last about 2 days of continuous music play. 

TWS Feature:

Having a weekend party at the garage with friends? Not sure your Bugani M83 can handle it? Well if one power stereo is not enough for you can always connect two Bugani M83 for the massive sound blast.

  • Suitable for large room/GymnHigh-quality bass deliverynDurable and long-lastingnComes with carrying HandlenLarge navigation buttons
  • A bit heavy compared to other devicesnCan be expensive for some people

Verdict: Without a doubt, the BUGANI M83 is the Best Party Bluetooth Speaker on the market. The sheer delivery power and all the features that come with it indicate you can’t get any better product whether it’s for your garage or your house.

Buying Guide on Best Bluetooth Speaker for Garage

The two most important factors to look out for when buying a Bluetooth speaker are sound quality and battery backup.

While this is true, you should consider other factors as well. After all, the technology and innovation behind Bluetooth speakers have gone so far as today, you should take advantage of every feature.

Here are all the top factors you should consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker whether it’s for your house, garage, or home gym.

The truth is, not every product would have all the great features due to price constraints. But carefully selecting a product that has the most beneficial features will be worth your money.

Overall Build Quality

We all know build quality comes first in any product purchasing. Every dollar you spend should give back an equal amount of value and more.

As this is an investment for you, it should last for a long time. That’s where build quality comes into play. Most Bluetooth speakers come with a plastic body that makes the unit lightweight and durable for long use. Just beware of cheap plastic products in this regard.

Sound Output

If you like music apart from all the other factors then this should be your number one priority. You will see the Sound output level on the specification either in wattage (watt) or decibels (dB).

For both ratings the higher the number the louder the output level. Though with a higher output level, the sound quality may take a hit. But with a reputable brand, you don’t need to worry about that.

Form Factor

In general, Bluetooth speakers are small enough to pick up in one hand. In some cases, you can even put them in your pocket as they can be tiny.

So, try to match with your need what size Bluetooth speaker you want for your garage. The smaller unit has great portability whereas the bigger unit may come with better sound output and other useful features.


As the Bluetooth speaker runs on an internal battery, the average runtime will solely depend on the battery size and consumption of the unit. The bigger battery usually has a longer runtime like 8-12 hours or more of continuous playback time.

You can find battery specifications under “mAh” which represents the total capacity of a battery. Higher the “mAh” rating the higher runtime you will get in return.


Bluetooth speaker works through low-frequency radio waves. Depending on the model and the radio-wave technology, your particular unit can work well under 30 feet to 100 feet.

Also, keep in mind that the higher range comes with a steeper price tag. You should not buy over 30-40 feet range units as long as you are planning to use them in the garage or home gym. Of course, you can always go for a higher range if it’s necessary and money is not an issue.

Additional Features

Earlier we have mentioned that the two most important factors were enough for a good Bluetooth speaker. But nowadays things are a lot different.

There are water resistance features, effective wall penetration signals, low latency connection, and simultaneous connection features. Each of these has a utility that serves specific situations. Be sure to check if it’s in there.

User Interface

Bluetooth speakers have a fairly simple user interface. In most cases, it’s only a few buttons for navigation and control. You will have a charger port, an auxiliary 3 mm port for you to connect to the audio source through the wire.

Some brands allow you to insert a USB or memory card to run music directly from the speaker without external devices. So check if you need them in your situation.

It’s important to note that not every speaker would have the same level of quality with a similar price tag.

Depending on the overall features and brand value the price can be too expensive or very affordable. Ensure you know what you want in your environment and have the budget to match that.

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Speakers

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology has been under the same wireless connectivity for more than decades. Bluetooth was the first to start the revolution and after wide-ranging innovation, new wireless technology has emerged.

Wi-Fi has been the most effective and practical wireless connectivity option for data transmitting. That’s why you will see Wi-Fi technology in most electronic devices.

That doesn’t mean the Bluetooth technology has become obsolete rather it has developed a few notches more. From the start, Bluetooth was popular for low energy connectivity that works well in short range.

With the new development and generation upgrades, the latency is also low. And they now penetrate solid objects to transmit data to the receiving end. And it’s also cheap in relation to Wi-Fi technology.

That’s another solid reason to find Bluetooth technology in most less complicated devices like speakers, doorbells, electronic keys, etc.

On the topic of which one is superior, Wi-Fi holds the crown on this. It uses faster data transfer technology and a wide range. So, it naturally finds its way into sophisticated devices to get all the advances of faster technology.

Frequently Asked Question on Bluetooth Speaker

u003cstrongu003eWhere do you place Bluetooth Speaker for better sound?u003c/strongu003e

This entirely depends on the speaker design and layout of your room. The reason behind this is Bluetooth stereo has a different speaker design and sound projection. For example, Omnidirectional speakers distribute sounds 360 degrees. Frontal projection speakers work 180 degrees. So, Omnidirectional speakers work better from the center where one way projecting speaker works great from any end of your room.

u003cstrongu003eHow far can you install a Bluetooth Speaker?u003c/strongu003e

Bluetooth speakers have a limited operating range. Meaning it will work within a certain distance from your audio source. The acceptable distance could be 3-100 meters while 100 meters being the highest standard and the expensive one. But you don’t need that much of a range for your garage speaker. 5-10 meters of the range is all you need to cover a medium-size room without issues.

u003cstrongu003eCan Bluetooth speakers be water and dust-resistant?u003c/strongu003e

The nature and construction of a Bluetooth speaker is a portable device with intricate components in it. Plus with the speaker grill, it’s more vulnerable to water and dust-related damages. To fight those manufacturer companies build their speaker unit to be water and dust resistant. That way you can have longer service life out of your speaker unit.

u003cstrongu003eDo you need additional devices for playing music on a Bluetooth speaker?u003c/strongu003e

At first, a Bluetooth speaker works as a transmission receiver and an amplifier. Any device that has a Bluetooth transmitter like a cellphone, u003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopeneru0022u003eTVu003c/au003eu003c/strongu003e, laptop, iPod can play sound through the speaker. Not just that, you can also play FM radio; connect a USB stick to play music. In some sophisticated devices, it can also take voice commands. These are not absolutely necessary but nice to have the option if your budget allows it.

Wrap Up

We are at the point in life where Bluetooth speakers are not a thing of luxury anymore. It brings joy, entertainment, and energy to work through a very tedious job.

We hope you like our list of best Bluetooth speakers for garage help. Moreover, our comprehensive buying guide will also help you find a perfect speaker if you haven’t been lucky with our list.

That said, next time you go Bluetooth speaker shopping, remember the important factors, your requirements, and last but not least your budget limit. Have a nice productive workday.

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