How to Setup a Bluetooth Garage Speaker: A Helpful Guide

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As a true audiophile, you’re probably excited to enjoy your favorite music in your man cave. But you are tired of the wired clutters in your garage. So you’ve decided to get a new Bluetooth speaker for your garage!

Undoubtedly, Bluetooth speakers are versatile, eco-friendly, portable, and easy to install. As the name suggests, they connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, making them a perfect outdoor companion as well.

Follow our simple guide below on Bluetooth garage speaker setup. It’s easier than you might think. We’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. With that in mind, we recommend holding the manual that came with your speaker closer to you for reference.

Bluetooth garage Speaker Setup: Here’s How to Do It

So you’ve bought your Bluetooth speaker and are ready to get started. You don’t need any tools, and the overall process is relatively straightforward.  

Bluetooth Garage Speaker Setup

Choose Location

To begin with, your Bluetooth garage speaker setup, choose the ideal spot where the Bluetooth garage stereo will stand. Don’t position the Bluetooth speaker too close to the wall. Try to leave a space of 1 or 2 meters between the speaker and the wall.

A subwoofer should sit at least 0.3 meters from the corner. Don’t place it at the center of the wall. If your room is rectangular, place the speaker near the shortest wall. For the best stereo sounds, put the speaker at a 60-degree angle.

Connect It to a Power Source

Most Bluetooth garage speakers need to be plugged into a power strip or outlet since they use AC adaptors. You can skip this step if your Bluetooth garage stereo system uses rechargeable batteries.  

Connect It with a Device

Most laptops, TVs, smartphones, and radios come equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity feature.

This way, you can easily connect the device to your Bluetooth garage speaker system. However, if your TV can’t connect to a Bluetooth speaker, get a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Your Garage TV

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a TV is pretty straightforward. Here’s to do it.  

  • Press a Menu icon on your TV’s remote.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down to see if there is a “Bluetooth connectivity” option on the list
  • Press on the Bluetooth
  • Make sure the Bluetooth speaker’s pairing mode is on
  • The speaker will detect the TV and send a sound notification
  • Press menu on the remote and click on the Bluetooth option
  • From the list, choose your Bluetooth Speaker that you want to connect to the TV  
  • If the devices have paired, the speaker will give a sound notification to confirm the connection.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a mobile phone

Here is how to connect your Bluetooth speaker with your iPhone or Android phone. Note that settings vary slightly, depending on the device’s operating system, model, and manufacturer.  

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone
  • Scroll down to the Bluetooth option
  • Enable Bluetooth
  • You’ll see a list of available devices, including your garage Bluetooth speaker. It may take a few seconds to appear. So be patient.  
  • Select your speaker to pair it with your phone
  • When done, the speaker will give a notification sound that the Bluetooth connection is successful

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop

Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth garage speaker to a Mac or Windows computer.

  • Turn on your computer
  • Go to Settings. This option is in the Start Window
  • Go to Devices and select Bluetooth & Other Devices
  • Enable Bluetooth by clicking On
  • Click Add a Device
  • Your speaker’s name will appear in the list of devices
  • Click Pair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Bluetooth garage speaker is one of the best things you can add to your man cave. But you probably have a few questions about it. Fortunately, we are here to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Bluetooth garage speaker setup.

1. Do Bluetooth Garage Speakers Need Power?

Yes. A Bluetooth garage speaker can be powered through a USB AC adaptor to an AC outlet. It has an AC power cable that needs to be plugged into the wall. Some speakers come with built-in rechargeable batteries and don’t use AC power. Rechargeable speakers are portable but are usually less durable than their AC-powered counterparts.

2. What Is A Garage Light with Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth speaker garage light, as the name suggests, is a garage ceiling light with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. Apart from providing light, you can connect it to your smartphone, computer, or TV to play music.

3. Are Bluetooth Speakers Safe?

Everything has a positive and negative side – a wireless speaker is no different. Conflicting study reports claim that high-frequency radio waves could have a negative effect on the cells of your body. However, there is no scientific evidence that directly links Bluetooth devices to cancer, infertility, depression, and other health problems.

Unlike ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays which produce ionizing radiation that can damage the DNA, Bluetooth emits non-ionizing radiation. That’s why many scientific pieces of evidence consider Bluetooth technology completely safe.    

4. What Are The Specific Features To Look For In Bluetooth Speaker?

A Bluetooth garage speaker must be built with durability in mind. It should be a bit rugged to prevent damage from drops and spills. Preferably, choose one with a dustproof design. Other important features you don’t want to overlook include connectivity, price, portability, and battery life.


Thank you for taking the time to go through this guide on Bluetooth garage speaker setup. We’ve offered all the advice you need to get your sound system off to a start. You won’t need any technical skills for this DIY garage sound system setup.

Most of these devices don’t come with specific setup processes that require professional training. It’s something you shouldn’t be afraid of doing it yourself.

And it’s not difficult to see why Bluetooth garage speakers have turned out to be the go-to sound solution for audiophiles. They are convenient, portable, and inexpensive. We hope you’ve found this guide useful.  

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