Can Garage Attics be Used for Storage? (The Pros and Cons)

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about using the attic space in your garage for storage, but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea.  After all, garage attics are hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and seem less suitable for storage than the rest of the house. So, can your garage attic be used for storage?

Garage attics can be used for storage, but only if adequately supported. Factors such as a roof’s pitch, the number of trusses, and storage weight can all impact the load a garage attic can safely hold. Before utilizing garage attic space for storage, it’s best to first consult a structural Engineer.

If you take some precautions, you can transform your attic into a safe and convenient storage space. Read on to learn what you should know before converting your garage attic into storage space and find some tips on making the most of your attic storage. So read on to learn more!

The Pros and Cons of Using a Garage Attic for Storage

While there are potential risks associated with storing your items in a garage attic, some benefits might make it worth considering. Let’s examine both sides of the argument so you can decide for yourself whether utilizing your garage attic for storage is right for you.


  • Provides additional storage space: One of the most significant advantages of using your garage attic for storage is giving you some much-needed extra space. If your home is starting to feel cluttered and cramped, storing some of your belongings in the attic can help to free up some valuable space.
  • Helps Reduce Clutter: Another benefit of using your garage attic for storage is that it can help reduce clutter around the house. If you have some items that you don’t use often but don’t want to get rid of, storing them in the garage attic can be a great solution.
  • Protection from the weather: One final advantage of using your garage attic for storage is that it can help protect your things from the elements. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, storing your items in the attic can help to ensure that they stay safe and in good condition.


  • The potential danger of Attic collapse: One of the most significant risks associated with using your garage attic for storage is the potential for the attic to collapse. If your garage attic is not adequately supported, it can cave in under the weight of your storage, causing severe injury or even death.
  • Increased Risk of Fire: Another concern associated with using your garage attic for storage is increased fire risk. If you have electrical items stored in the attic, there is a greater chance of fire if they malfunction.
  • Risk of Pest infestation: One final risk associated with using your garage attic for storage is the possibility of attracting pests. Be sure not to store food in the attic as this can attract rats and mice. These pests can even infest your home if not caught quickly in severe cases.

So, there you have it. The Pros and Cons of using your garage attic for storage. It’s up to you to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. If you choose to use your garage attic for storage, just be sure to take steps to ensure that your things are safe.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Existing Garage Attic Space

If your garage attic is like most, it’s probably crammed full of holiday decorations, boxes of old clothes, and other items you never use but can’t seem to get rid of. But what if there was a way to put all that stuff to good use?

With some planning and some elbow grease, you can quickly transform your garage attic into usable storage space.

Here are some tips to make your garage attic more usable for storage:

1. Make sure your garage attic is clean and free of dust and cobwebs.

2. Inspect the attic for any signs of damage, such as water leaks or holes in the roof or floor. If you find damage, be sure to repair it before using the garage attic for storage.

3. Install shelves or racks along the attic walls to maximize storage space.

4. Store heavy items on lower shelves or racks and lighter items on higher shelves.

5. Use bags or boxes to store smaller items, and label them so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

6. Keep a ladder in the attic to easily access your stored items.

You can quickly turn your garage attic into a usable storage space by following these tips. So start cleaning out that attic today!

Will My Garage Attic Even Support the Weight of Storage?

If you’re considering using your garage attic for storage, you’ll first want to make sure that the space can support the weight of your belongings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Roofing Materials Used – The type of roofing materials used on your garage will affect how much weight the attic can support. For example, asphalt shingles are much lighter than metal roofing.
  • Your Roof’s Pitch – The pitch of your garage’s roof will also affect how much weight the attic can hold. A steeper pitched roof can support more weight than a shallower pitched roof.
  • The Number of Supports – The number of trusses or other supports in your garage attic can impact how much weight it can hold. More support means more weight capacity.
  • The Weight of the Items Stored – Your garage attic joists should be strong enough to allow more lightweight items, but you should avoid weighty objects such as large furniture. Additionally, spread out the weight evenly to prevent structural stress.

If you’re not sure how much weight your garage attic can support, it’s best to consult with a professional. They will be able to assess the space and give you a better idea of what it can safely hold.

How to Build a Garage Attic For Storage

If you’re like most homeowners, clutter is probably taking up valuable garage floor space that could be used for parking your car or storing other items. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider building a garage attic for storage.

Building a garage attic is a great way to add extra storage space to your home. Just follow these steps to create your new storage area in no time!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose the attic’s location – First, you’ll need to find a spot in your garage where you can build the attic. This location should be close to the ceiling to easily access it.

2. Measure – Once you’ve found the ideal spot, measure the area to know how much lumber and other materials you’ll need.

3. Make room for the attic –  Cut out any floorboards or rafters in the way – Be sure to wear protective gloves and goggles while performing this step.

4. Start framing the attic—nail or screw 2x4s around the perimeter of the area you’re chosen.

5. Create a Floor – Add plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) to the top once the frame is complete. The plywood or OSB will act as your attic floor.

6. Insulate – Finally, add insulation to the attic floor and walls. Insulation will help keep your stored items warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The Costs Involved in Finishing a Garage Attic for Storage

Finishing your garage attic space is a good idea if you plan to utilize this space for storage. However, it’s essential to consider all costs involved to ensure you can finish the project on time and within budget.

On average, expect to spend between $1700 and $10000 to finish your garage attic for storage. However, considerations such as the cost of materials, the price of labor, and shelving can vary significantly in price and are heavily influenced by the size of the garage attic and the features you choose.

There are a few costs to consider when building a garage attic for storage. Let’s break these costs down to better understand how to budget when finishing your garage attic.

Here is the cost breakdown of what you can expect to pay to finish the attic in your garage:

  • Cost of the materials – Be sure to factor in the price of materials such as plywood, lumber, and other materials required to build the frame of your attic. Your actual material costs will vary depending on the size and style of the garage attic but typically costs between $500 and $1000 for the project.
  • Cost of labor – If you’re planning on doing the work yourself, the only cost of your labor is your time. However, If you’re hiring someone to do the work for you, get a few estimates before making a final decision. If you hire to do the job, expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 to finish your garage attic, but this will vary depending on the size and complexity of your attic.
  • Permits and inspections – Most municipalities require a permit for any construction work, and an inspection may also be required. These costs can add up, so check with your local building department before beginning any work. Expect to add $200 to $500 to the project’s total cost.
  • Cost of insulation – Many people neglect to budget for the cost of insulation when planning to finish their garage attic. Insulating your garage attic will help keep your stored items from freezing in the winter and make the attic more comfortable to work in year-round. Expect to pay between $200 and $400 for insulation, depending on the size of your garage and the type of insulation you choose.
  • Cost of ventilation – Ventilating your garage attic helps prevent mold and mildew from growing and also helps to keep the space cooler in the summer. There are a few different ways to ventilate a garage attic but expect to pay between $50 and $200 for ventilation, depending on the size of your garage attic and the type of ventilation you choose.
  • Shelving or storage units – Consider if you want to install shelving or storage units in your garage attic. Shelving and storage units can range from $200 to $5000, depending on the size and features you want.
  • Miscellaneous costs – Though unnecessary, you may choose to consider painting or decorating your newly finished garage attic space. Overall, expect to spend between $50 and $300 to beautify the area.

Though reclaiming your garage attic space for storage can be a real investment in both time and money, the added storage space can assist you in decluttering and further organizing your home.


The debate of whether garage attics can be used for storage rages on. Some people are adamant that reclaiming garage attic space is a great storage solution. In contrast, others believe storing your belongings in your garage attic is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen.

Ultimately, you get to decide.

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