Covering Your Garage Walls For A Party – Garage Party Guide

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People don’t usually think about their garage when planning a party. But, when you need more space, you can turn your stuffy garage into an excellent party venue.

So today, we’ll talk about how to cover garage walls for party purposes. Furthermore, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to help set up your garage for your next big party.

how to cover garage walls for party

Usually, you’ll have your car, bicycles, and junk in your garage. However, once you clean everything up, you can transform the space to make room for a good time with friends and family. You can settle for a temporary wall covering for the party.

Or, opt for a more permanent garage party setup. And that’s precisely what this guide is here for – we’ll walk you through all you need to know about a garage party setup.

How to Start if You Want to Get Your Garage Party-Ready

Here’s how you should start if you want to get your garage party ready –

Get Rid of All Non-Essentials and Junk

Your first step in setting up your garage for a party is getting rid of all the junk. Most people end up storing everything they don’t need in the garage.

Others will store items that they do not use often. Therefore, if it’s junk, get rid of it. And if it’s something you need, later on, move it to temporary storage or give it a proper place elsewhere in your home.

Make Sure Your Garage Can Handle a Party

There are a few things you need to do here –

  • Start by making sure your garage is big enough for the people you’ll invite and all the furniture you’ll bring in for the party. If you don’t have enough room, even after leaving the car outside, you’ll have to skip on the idea of using your garage for a party.
  • Ensure that your music system will have easy access to power. If not, you might have to string along some extension cords.
  • Make sure the garage door functions properly.

If you get a pass on all of these, it’s time to start cleaning and prepping your garage for a good party.

How to Cover Garage Walls for Party – Setting Up for A Garage Party

You can use different materials to cover your wall for a party. Many homeowners like using vinyl or a metal coating on their garage walls.

Others will opt for a fresh coat of paint that goes with their aesthetics. Finally, most like to leave things simple and set up temporary wall coverings for the party using plywood.

You should always avoid drywall and try to get a nice wallpaper on at the very least. Otherwise, the poor environment for the party will end up ruining the mood of your visitors.

Further, you should consider decorating your garage with some seasonal décor or drape curtains or cloth over the walls. If you have kids over, you can buy some cheap strips of colored cloth to hang over the walls to add some playfulness and color to everything.

What are the steps for covering and preparing your garage wall for a party?

Follow these steps to prep your garage wall for a party with a fresh coat of paint

Step 1- Take off the edges of each wall

Step 2 – Find high-quality paint of your favorite color and start working on your wall using a brush or roller

Step 3 – Use smaller brushes to get edges and crevices

Step 4 – Wait for the paint to dry before setting up any new furniture in the garage    

Alternatively, you can drape your garage walls with curtains or cloth. Be sure to account for changes in lighting for your new setup and hang new lights accordingly.

What else should you do to get your garage ready for a party?

Other than covering up your walls with something pleasing and cleaning out your garage, you can do the following to get your garage ready for a party –

  • Get a fancier light setup
  • Although a permanent change, you can add more windows to your garage to allow more light in along with a soothing breeze
  • Hire electricians to set up more power outlets
  • Setup air conditioning and improve the insulation
  • Upgrade your flooring

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What do you do with the garage door during a garage party?

Either you can leave it up or down; it’s up to your preference and type of party. However, before the party, make sure the garage door works. Furthermore, make sure it’s clean. Avoid exposing a dirty garage door to your neighbor, and hire garage door cleaning services to take care of your issue.

If your garage door is malfunctioning, be sure to get in touch with local services to sort things out.

What makes the garage a good party place?

During construction, a garage gets special treatment with thicker walling and denser materials. Therefore, it’s perfect for keeping noise in – thereby making it the ideal place for a loud party. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about furniture getting in the way other than the essentials. Finally, you won’t have to worry about messing up any carpets.

If you want to protect your floor from spills and stains, you can cover your garage floor before a party.

What are the other things you can do to get your garage ready for a party?

Proper light setup and ensuring you have enough outlets for electronic devices are musts.

How to temporarily set up your garage for a party?

You can do the simplest thing to set up your garage for a party and hang plastic table cloths on the walls to add some more color over the drab walls.

My parting thoughts

Now that you know how to cover garage walls for parties, you can get to work and start setting things up. As you can see, your options range from full-on garage conversions to simply hanging drapes over the walls to make them less boring.

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