How to Transfer Cars from One Garage to Another

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When you own multiple cars, it becomes difficult to drive all the vehicles from one garage to another since you need to do it one at a time. But by using car transportation or shipment, you can solve this problem.

However, while transporting the car from one garage to another, you’ll have to keep some things in mind. In this article, I’ll give you a step-by-step guideline on how to transfer cars from one garage to another.

how to transfer cars from one garage to another

How to Transfer Cars from One Garage to Another: Step by Step

Step 1: Contact a Car Transportation Company 

First, you’ll have to find car transportation companies that offer services in your area. For this, you can check the local listing websites and read their reviews.

While selecting a car transportation company, you’ll have to check what level of car protection the company is providing.

Usually, a well-reputed car transportation company offers full protection for your cars, and if your cars get damaged while transporting, they will be responsible for the damage repair fees. 

Step 2: Jot Down Your Cars’ Info 

Before handing over your cars to the car shipment company, you’ll have to write down all your cars’ information such as the model number, year of registration, car number plate, etc.

All this information will help you if your cars go missing or accidents happen while transporting the cars.

Also, when you sign a contract with a car transportation company, you’ll have to provide all your cars information. After getting all the information about your cars, the car transportation company will determine the cost, best possible route, and so on. 

Step 3: Select the Preferred Car Transportation Method 

If you hire a well-reputed car transportation company, they will allow you to select your preferred car transportation method.

Usually, you can transport your cars in two ways – an enclosed container or a single tow rig. If you own cars like Lamborghini or other luxury sports cars, you should go for the fully enclosed car transportation method.

Step 4: Payment

Some car transportation companies demand full payment before delivery and some demand half of the total fees. But usually, most auto transport companies demand 30-40% upfront before the delivery. 

Several factors determine the total fees of the car transportation service, such as the condition of the cars, distance between the garages, urgency, and so on. If your vehicle is in bad condition or broken, you’ll have to pay extra money for security purposes

. Again, if the distance between the two garages is very high, the transportation cost will go up. Usually, it takes around $500 to $700 for each car. 

Pro Tips 

  • While transporting your cars, select a time frame when the weather is in good condition. For example, you can select the end or start of the year to move your cars from one garage to another. 
  • If you want to transport your cars at minimum cost, you should move your cars during the off-season, for example, winter. During the off-season, auto transport companies offer discounts on their services.

FAQs about Car Transportation

1. Should I Leave the License Plates on the Cars While Transporting? 

Unless the auto transportation service company tells you to remove the license plate from your cars, you should keep it on your cars. As cars will be fully covered, it won’t cause you any trouble. 

2. What will I Do If the Cars Don’t Arrive in My Garage?

First, you’ll have to contact the transportation company you have hired. The transportation company will have all the details of the courier. If you still don’t receive your cars, you should file your cars as stolen. After reporting, try to involve your car insurance company as well.

3. Which Things Should I Check When the Cars Arrive in My Garage? 

As soon as the cars arrive in your garage, look for damages, leaks, dead batteries, and so on. If you identify any damage in your vehicles, confront the company and ask for damage fees. Again, if you have put any belongings in your vehicles before the car transportation, check them as well. However, in most cases, a car transportation company will tell you to remove all personal belongings before the car shipment. 

4. Which Factors Set the Car Transportation Cost? 

u003cstrongu003eFactors such as the model, car size, condition, weight, etc., determine the fee of a car transportation serviceu003c/strongu003e. Also, this cost can go up if you have a sports car or a rare vehicle. 


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