Parking Guide for Garage: 4 Ways to Make Your Garage Parking Safer

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Every homeowner deserves safe and easier car parking in their garage. But the car parking becomes challenging due to garage structural and layout faults.

For example, if you have a small garage area, and if you want to upgrade to a larger vehicle such as a minivan or an SUV, you’ll face difficulties while parking your vehicle in the garage. Again, if you have a regular vehicle but have poor lighting, clutter, etc., you’ll face difficulties as well. 

If you’re facing these problems while parking your car in your garage, no worries. In this parking guide for the garage, you’ll know about 4 ways to make your garage parking safer.

Parking Guide for Garage: 4 Ways to Make Garage Car Parking Safer

When your garage has a faulty layout or is small in size, you’ll face problems such as damage to the car’s body and paint.

Besides, you’ll face problems while entering and coming out of your garage. Moreover, whenever you go in or out of your garage, you’ll feel additional stress, which will impact your driving experience.

parking guide for garage

1.   Increase Your Garage Area

The best way to make your garage parking safer and easier is by increasing the size of your garage area. However, it’s an obvious solution, which has some drawbacks as well.

Before increasing the size of your garage area, you’ll have to know the recommended garage size.

If you want to build a garage for one car, your garage should be at least 12 feet wide and 24 feet deep. But if you have a larger vehicle, the dimension of your garage area can be 14 feet x 22 feet and 16 feet x 24 feet.

If you own two vehicles, recommended garage area is 22 feet x 24 feet. However, if you want more flexibility while parking your vehicles in your garage, you can have a 24 feet x 24 feet garage.  

As I mentioned above, increasing the garage area comes with some drawbacks. Firstly, garage expansion isn’t cheap. You’ll have to hire a garage builder, buy suitable materials, and so on.

Secondly, while expanding your garage, you cannot use the garage. In that time, you’ll have to find a parking area for your vehicles, which will increase the overall cost of your garage expansion. Besides, if the parking area isn’t secure, there is always a risk of car theft.

And finally, before expanding your garage, you’ll require permission and for this, you’ll have to fill out the necessary paperwork and pay fees for permits.

2.   Organize Your Garage Area

If you don’t want to expand your garage, you can start organizing your garage space more efficiently and create more space for your vehicle.

Often, garage owners forget to utilize the vertical space and wall for storage. Instead, they use the parking space to store tools and other items, which makes the garage area even smaller.

You can install a Slatwall organizer panel on your garage wall to use your vertical space more efficiently. With this panel, you can hang all your garage items and keep your garage floor clutter-free.

If you’re looking for a durable Slatwall panel for your garage, check this Slatwall panel from Proslat. This Slatwall panel is durable and can hold a weight of around 70 pounds.

Apart from the Slatwall garage panel, you can install the cabinet in your garage. With a garage cabinet, you’ll have extra storage capacity to store your garage accessories. However, if you’re garage area is already too confined, it may not be a good idea to install a garage cabinet.

3.   Use Homemade Garage Parking Aid

You can use some homemade parking aid for the garage to make your parking safer and easier. For example, you can hang a tennis ball from your garage wall to know the distance of your car from the garage wall.

Again, you can attach a paintbrush horizontally to your garage wall. And when the brush touches the driver’s sidewall, you’ll know if you have too far or on the right side.

Apart from these, you can add old sofa cushions or thick carpeting, reflective tape, and woodblock to make your garage car parking easier.

However, these DIY parking aids for cars sometimes can be problematic. For example, if you want to increase the aesthetics of your garage, hanging a tennis ball or attaching a brush may not be a good idea.

Besides, if you have already invested a lot in your garage, including these DIY parking aids will spill your effort and money.

Again, these DIY parking aids aren’t reliable. For example, the brush you’ll be attaching to your garage wall isn’t properly mounted; it can slip off from the garage wall. Besides, if the woodblock isn’t sturdy enough, it’ll break and cause unnecessary problems.

4.   Install Additional Lightings in Your Garage

Most often, garages have outdated lights, which don’t provide the necessary illumination and make garage parking difficult. If your garage has 60-watt bulbs, it’s time to upgrade them.

Instead of using low-power bulbs, you can switch to a LED garage light. LED garage lights will increase the visibility in your garage. Besides, LED lights are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs. That means you can enjoy maximum visibility in your garage with minimum expense.

FAQs about Parking Aid for Garage

1.     Is the wall bumper effective in protecting the car?

Yes, you can install wall bumpers on your Slatwall or garage wall, which will protect your car doors from dents and scratches.

2.     I don’t like DIY parking aids. Is there any device that I can use instead of these DIY parking aids?

Yes, there are plenty of parking aid devices. u003cstrongu003eFor example, you can use a wireless vehicle camera, parking sensor, laser parking aid, and so on.u003c/strongu003e

3.     Is a car lift a good parking solution?

Yes, you can use a car lift to double the vehicle capacity of your garage.

4.     Do I need permits before expanding my garage?

u003cstrongu003eYes, you must need a permit from your local city authority before expanding your garage.u003c/strongu003e


Parking your vehicles in your garage should be stress-free. And by following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy a seamless parking experience in your garage.

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