Racedeck Cleaning Kit [Everything You Should Know]

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If you are a proud owner of a car and own your garage, the next you will probably be concerned about is the maintenance and the smart look.

To maintain that look, if you are using Racedeck or interlocking floor tiles, then comes the issue of maintaining them properly.

Other tiles also require proper upkeep but in this article, we will only be focusing on the Racedeck cleaning kit and the maintenance of RaceDeck Tiles in general.

About Racedeck Cleaning Kit

So, you are a Racedeck user and looking for the right cleaner for your garages’ floor. Right? You can relax and sit tight because to save from any extra sweat breaking, Racedeck cleaning kit is here to have your back.

RaceDeck cleaning kit

Racedeck is the only company that has a solution for your cleaning needs. It offers a cleaning kit for Racedeck and interlocking tiles, specially manufactured, keeping your requirements in mind.

The pH is perfectly balanced and made to cope with polypropylene, a thermoplastic substance of those garage floor types.

This Racedeck cleaning kit includes:

  • Scuff Remover
  • Renovator Cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner, and
  • A restore cleaner.

It is an acrylic solution and pretty simple to use. You can use a mop over the garage floor tiles’ after cleaning the floor nicely. This will make your garage floor shiny, like newly attached ones. It restores your floors’ lock to the newest level.

If you are using this cleaning kit for the first time, make sure to test them in a small area to check their compatibility. Alternatively, you can also consult with the manufacturer.

RaceDeck Tiles

RaceDeck Tiles are renowned worldwide for their build quality and appearance, and the tiles are suitable for numerous purposes;

  • Garages
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Shop floors
  • Commercial garages, and so on.

As the tiles come with multiple offerings and a nice-looking appearance, they require higher maintenance too.

Let’s move on to the maintenance section.

Maintenance of RaceDeck Tiles

Procedure 1

To maintain that classy look of your garage, you will have to follow a cleaning routine. This can help you a great deal to ease your burden of doing the heavy-duty cleaning once a month or so.

Naturally, you will be dealing with a lot of dust while cleaning the garage floor. Because you will be carrying all this dust every time you drive into the garage or the time when the door will be kept open, dust will get in. So, a dust mop will be a real handy tool to keep by.

  • Wipe out the dust that sits on top regularly with the mop. This will prove to be useful, especially for the darker colors, as they show the dust or footprints so clearly. Wiping them off regularly will save you from a lot of extra labor later on.
  • A soft-bristled broom will also serve your purpose. When it comes to sweeping up the finer dust, this broom is effective. Doing this regularly will prevent it from collecting any larger debris.
  • The best thing to use for this situation is a shop vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attached. The brush will face the large pieces of dirt and break them to a level so that the vac can suck it up easily. This idea especially works on the self-draining and free-flow style tiles.

It’s better if you don’t use the regular vacuum cleaners without the floor brush as it can leave some microscopic scratches on the surface of the tile resulting in a dull finish over time. So, do not sabotage that classy look of your garage tiles for just a couple of bucks.

Procedure 2

The ideas mentioned above are not practical for cleaning off the stubborn-looking mud marks or spilled grease.

To successfully handle this type of situation, and to maintain the smart look you will have to use chemical cleaners such as Mr. Clean or the Racedeck cleaning kit.

  • When you are left with some serious-looking marks or stubborn debris to handle, a short bristle deck brush will be useful.  You can also use a soft scrubber or rag, which will be free of cost. When mopping doesn’t work, these will come into action. You can use a little water considering the type of dirt you are cleaning.
  • You can use some non-sudsing, ammonia-based cleaner with your mop to clean off the stubborn heavy specks of dirt that came in with the tires. Usually, the non-sudsing ammonia-based cleaners are streak-free and don’t leave a film trace on the floor. They bring back the shiny look on those tiles.
  • The sudsing film-forming cleaners will leave a film trail that will work as magnets and will attract dirt. As a result, you will have to perform your cleaning duty on a more regular basis. So, we recommend you strictly avoid this type of cleaner.
  • Another tip is that you can use the waterless wash concentrators that the detailers use for a car wash—mix one ounce of it with two gallons of water. Cleaning the tiles with this solution will make them as shiny as new.

These are the procedures you can follow if you are to clean the mess that the heavy rain or snowfall left you with. You can also make the best of them if you face tire marks, scuff marks, or spilled grease marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I tile my garage floor?

Installing porcelain tiles will surely increase the durability of your garage floor. On top of that, tiles make cleaning floors a lot easier for you.

What removes rust from tiles?

If you have ceramic tiles installed lemon juice will work fine to remove rust or stains. However, you should leave it for a couple of hours to see good results

Does vinegar shine tile floors?

Yes, vinegar is mild acid used to shine tile floors. The fragrance is quite refreshing as well.

Which chemical is used to clean tiles?

Hydrogen peroxide formula is widely used to clean floors without unnecessary fumes.

Wrapping Up

A shiny, cleaned floor can leave an excellent impression on your guests. The look of your garage or any other basement affects the overall look of your house.

Besides, it is essential to keep a nice and clean floor to maintain a hygienic house environment. A cleaner like Racedeck cleaning kit will fulfill your need for this. Lastly, we hope using the above formulas is of use to you in maintaining a smart, successful garage.

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