Should I Install a Separate Electric Meter for Garage?

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With proper monitoring, you can control the usage of any item, and this includes electricity. When you have a separate electric meter for the garage, you’ll be able to monitor and analyze electric usage.

As a result, it’ll get easier for you to minimize your electric consumption and decrease your monthly costs.

While installing an electric meter in your garage, it’s advised to contact your local power supply distribution company. They will check all the legalities and fire codes to ensure your garage is safe.

Again, while installing an electric garage meter, you’ll have to ensure that it’s installed in a convenient place. This will enable you to access and analyze the electric garage meter easily.

separate electric meter for garage

Do I Need a Separate Electric Garage Meter for Garage?

Reasons for Installing a Separate Garage-Electric Meter

The primary purpose of using a garage electric meter is to monitor the energy consumption in your garage.

If you’re suddenly noticing a spike in your monthly electric bill, there is a high probability that your electrical appliances are consuming more electricity or you have a faulty electric meter.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to install your garage electric meter in a convenient place. Because this will enable you to monitor the electric meter easily. Also, if there is a fault in the electric meter, you can fix it quickly. 

Again, when you have a garage electric meter, you’ll be able to analyze the monthly electric consumption, which will allow you to operate your garage and your home efficiently and reduce the monthly electric bills.

You can check the garage electric meter from Sense. With a smart meter like this, you can monitor your garage electricity consumption from your smartphone.

Proper Way of Using a Garage-Electric Meter

  • While installing your garage electric meter, you’ll have to ensure that you have a padlock. Usually, this padlock is provided by the power distribution company.
  • Remove the old lock from your garage electric meter and replace it with a new one.
  • Install the garage electric meter in a convenient place where you can access it easily.
  • After successfully installing the garage electric meter, you’ll have to know how to read the electric meter. Usually, the first reading of the garage electric meter tells you about the energy consumption on the first day of a month. And the second reading tells the energy consumption on the last day of a month.
  • Now, subtract the two readings, and you’ll get the total energy consumption in a month.
  • Usually, in most garage electric meters, the first and the second reading is on the left and right side, respectively.
  • If your garage electric meter is digital, don’t worry because it has the same interface as a manual one.

Garage Electric Flat-Rate Meter

This type of electric meter calculates the electric consumption since the day it was installed or reset. Usually, each month, an electric technician from your local power distribution company will check the meter and record the data.

To calculate the monthly electric consumption, you’ll have to subtract the previously registered data from the present data.

Smart Electric Meter

This is an advanced garage electric meter and has more functionality than a regular electric meter. With this type of electric meter, you can understand how your garage uses electricity and ways to reduce energy consumption.

As I mentioned earlier, when you analyze the energy consumption accurately, you’ll be able to save more energy, and a smart electric meter helps you do it easily. That’s why nowadays when you need a garage electric meter replacement, it’s replaced with a smart electric meter.

One of the key features of this electric meter is that it calculates the energy consumption digitally and shows a brief reading of electricity usage.

Benefits of Smart Electric Meter

  • Up to date information about your garage’s energy usage.
  • You can know how to reduce your garage’s energy consumption. 
  • Automatically transfer data to your power distribution company.

FAQs about Garage-Electric Meter

1. What are the types of Garage-Electric Meters?

u003cstrongu003eThere are four types of garage electric meters – interval, solar, smart, and flat-rate electric meter.u003c/strongu003e

2. Is There Any Subtype of the Solar Electric Meter? 

Yes, there are three subtypes of the solar garage electric meter. u003cstrongu003eThese are – Dual, Net, and Bidirectional solar electric metersu003c/strongu003e.

3. Can I Install Electric Meter in My Garage?

Yes, and it’s recommended to install one if you want to monitor electric consumption in garage. 

4. What does an Interval Electric Meter Do?

It records your electric usage electronically and has the ability to record data at half-hour breaks or intervals.


With a separate electric meter, it gets easier to analyze the electric consumption. That’s why if you don’t have one in your garage, you should consider installing an electric meter in your garage.

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