Should You Keep Garbage Cans In The Garage?

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This is no topic for a debate that the perfect place for your garbage cans should be as far as from your house. While this is true, leaving garbage cans out in the open may welcome an array of complications. This is understandable from the point, you want what’s best for the family.

But sometimes it can create inconvenience for others. For example, your trash bin placement can get close to other residents in the area which may depict you as unfriendly. At this point, you will be questioning, should you keep garbage cans in the garage?

Should you keep Garbage Cans in garage

The garage can be a good place to keep your garbage cans regardless of the weather and surroundings. It’s a great way to comply with community policies and doesn’t bother anyone with the smell. Also, not to mention a great way to defend against the critter’s invasion.

We all have garbage cans somewhere around our houses. Depending on the family size and activity in the house, you could have a single or multiple garbage can lying around.

Naturally, you would want all of them to be out of your line of sight so it doesn’t look unpleasant and the bad smell won’t creep into the house.

Apart from that, the smell of your garbage from an open place will attract a lot of insects and animals. They will come and go as they please and make it their place to party. That’s why you will see some house owners build a separate cabin/structure just for the garbage cans.

But you might not be in the position to spend the extra money and make such a structure for a single garbage can. Or your neighborhood policy may not allow you to place any trash can around your house.

Either way, you should consider keeping Garbage Cans in the garage for the sake of your families and others around you.

Top Reasons, why should you keep garbage cans in the garage?

We already know the importance of the proper placement of garbage cans to your family, your neighbors, and the environment. Here we will look into the top reasons to keep your garbage can in the garage and what are the benefits associated with it.

Easy HOA Compliance

HOA or Homeowners Association is a regulating body of a particular neighborhood. They usually work towards the common interest of the residents by making policies and enforcing them systematically. That way everyone can follow the same standard.

Part of their job is to maintain cleanliness and well-ordered surroundings. Sometimes their policy prevents you from placing garbage cans outside. If that’s what is in your HOA guideline garage can be your only savior to comply with the demand.

Reduce air pollution

I don’t need to tell you the fact garbage cans stink a lot. Especially in the summer, when the heat starts to break down waste particles.

Outside trash can undergo this process much faster compared to cans that stay in the shade. It’s definitely not pleasant air to breathe in for you or the neighbors.

You can avoid this scenario by keeping your garbage can in the garage. There is a chance that it might stink up your garage. But, it’s relatively easy to resolve following regular cleaning and keeping a tight lid.

Keep out animals and insects

Insects and animals love thrown-down foods and the trash can is their easy ticket to munch on food waste.

Once they find your trash can given the heightened sense of smell, they can invite other animals to share the glory. This is all possible if you have a trash can outside with a stinky smell.

Some persistent animals like rodents, raccoons, and even bears can remember the place for a later excursion. Tipping over bins, making way to your house are a few other inconveniences you will have if you allow it for quite some time.

Here, your garage can give you a peaceful solution to store your waste safely without any uncomfortable encounters.

Prevent unlawful usage

Your garbage can is only yours to use and you know what you should put in or not. In some parts of the country, you pay a significant amount of money to dispose of your trash. They also may have specific instructions on trash type and limits.

The Outside trash can has a higher tendency of people using your bin without your consent. That can potentially overfill your limits and cost you extra charges. Should you keep garbage cans in the garage to prevent unlawful usage? The answer is yes! You can.


1.    Where to place garbage can?

The general idea of placing a garbage can is to place it as far as possible from the house. If that isn’t possible, you can even place it in the garage with proper sittings. Nevertheless, follow the instruction of the trash disposal company you have under contract.

2.    What to put under the garbage can?

Garbage can sometimes leave scuff marks on your floor that are also true for water damage. You should place splash/scuff guard decals under the garbage can. Likewise, vinyl decals are also great at preventing damage to the floors and walls.

3.    How to keep garbage cans from smelling?

Though there is no definitive way to stop your garbage can from smelling but is easy to reduce the smelling. Cat litter, bleach, baking soda, dryer sheets are some of many that have odor suppressing capabilities. You just throw them in your cans between cleaning.

4.    Should I get a garbage can with wheels and a lid?

Compared to a stationary trash bin, cans with wheels and a lid serve a great purpose and provide utility. It’s much easier to relocate with the wheels and the lid act as a smell barrier while moving.

5.    What are the standard sizes of garbage cans?

Although there are no specific rules of a standard garbage can size, you will see 20, 35, 60, 90-gallon garbage cans more often in circulation.

Wrap up

It’s important to have adequate garbage cans in your house for all of your household’s trash. At the same time, it is equally important to place them in the right place so it can not be the cause for the inconvenience to your surroundings.

Should you keep garbage cans in the garage? While this is a great alternative option, this is up to you how you want to deal with it.

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